[Resolved]Headset recognized, but not controllers or lighthouses


The Banner Topic has links to Pitool & 5k 8k directory.

The 5k 8k directory has a wki that has useful info on dfu issues.


Well that didn’t do jack shit so another 3h wasted. Tried all all FW/Pitool versions from .86 to latest beta but no go. For some reason the FW shipped with Pitool version .76 did not work and HMD was stuck in DFU mode.

Just for shits and giggles I tried to hookup the Pimax after Vive was fully connected so I can concur the that this is the only way I can see that Pitool shows the lighthouses connected like @padrote wrote earlier.

I give up…


Check out software solutions


@Doman.Chen @Alan.sun

I do understand that definition of asap may vary but still… Anyone there?


I can understand that there are lots of issues with the new tech we are dealing with here and there is most likely also some rush in the support at the moment. My problem is that it shows up as a total negligence towards the backers that have funded your product. For example this lighthouse tracking issue that I’m personally facing; I’ve already invested huge amount of hours to investigating this just to realize today that this HMD tracking firmware is something that we/Pitool has no control over… So do you think this is something you could have maybe communicated? I have also noticed that for certain issues the Pimax support is ready and responding within minutes/hours so you can understand my frustration when waiting and waiting for days and weeks for someone to help you. I really have no idea how to proceed…

I really cannot understand how can Pimax afford this kind of customer “support”. Maybe I’ll just try try to be more patient and continue to wait for the “asap” communication that was promised. I do have a cool looking paperweight sitting on my table tho…



Pimax is understaffed in truth.

Now perhaps if they have time maybe @SweViver @mixedrealityTV @VoodooDE @yanfeng @Cdaked @tristanc

One these folks might have some ideas on getting things working. All were part of the test group & I believe they all have lighthouses.

Unfortunately I don’t have a set as of yet to be able to support better.


Hi @Doman.Chen

I asked some status update from @Alan.sun email address today and it seems that his email address is no longer functioning. Still being patient here but should I still be expecting a contact from him?



Please PM me with details,thanks.


It’s working!!

Support fixed my lighthouse tracking issue in Teamviewer session today. Problem was in the LH config and as it seems the issue was also self inflicted;

For Vive I had the Samsung gear lenses mod and related to this there was certain “optimizations” done in the LH config. Now my tracking with Pimax was originally working but the point when it all went to hell was the moment that I remembered that I have some custom LH config in place and decided to revert the changes from backup. I don’t fully understand how the Pitool software manipulates these LH configs or if it even does but this restore I made broke the tracking.

So I do feel stupid now thank you all who helped with this but specially @Doman.Chen and @Heliosurge

[Replied]My 5k+ just arrived and is useless, cant make support account help! please!

Just glad you have it working. If you know how to fix this from the Geavr mod with more details of the fix. Would be good to capture in @Davebobman troubleshooting wiki. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Answers are next to the bulleted items. i tried all that I could with no luck. I’m still stuck looking at what the image below shows.

@spamenigma @heliosurge


I’ve had the Gear lens swap as well with the configuration update and i did revert the configuration back, i feel like that’s when my tracking stopped as well. Do you know what support did to fix it at all? I’m wondering if a simple SteamVR reinstall could fix this.

I still have my support ticket open and last I heard he was asking me for a good time for the teamviewer session, haven’t heard back since i responded.


There is a user here whom had the GearVR mod & ran a session with support. I think he said they had to fix a LH config file?

Try a search gearvr for last 2 days. (Advance option)


Hi, I unfortunately do not have the answer as how to fix this because I do not have the knowledge of how and when the Pitool actually modifies the LH config, or even if it does. I know now where my mistake was; as the Pimax was already working I decided to revert to the original LH config and this is what broke the tracking. Now that the support fixed the LH config I do have one that works, but I’m not sure if this helps you a lot as such. I know that @Doman.Chen has the perfect guy to fix it tho…



I don’t see how the GearVR lens mod would affect your lighthouses. All changes you make the the JSON config file are stored on the Vive headset not on the lighthouses. Yes, you use a program called lighthouse_console.exe to make those changes but it doesn’t really have anything to do with the lighthouses. It might be able to upgrade firmware for them via bluetooth but that would be it.


I uploaded the original Vive config to the Pimax. Thinking “I don’t need this mod any more”, not realizing it lives in the headset.


Hello? I’m still stuck with a $500 paperweight and no way to create a support account.



I have the same problem, maybe this will help me. I’ve installed PiTool, then before running room setup i reverted my lighthouse configs to Vive(Pre GearVrMod) and then ran room setup. And at first it worked but now i can’t get it to work, tried different solutions.
If during PiTool installation lighthouse configs are being modified than maybe i’ve deleted some settings when restored original lighthouse config.

I hope this might be it, gonna check this out after work.
Thanks for pointing me in a direction where I can finally get my Pimax to work.


I’m having the exact same issue as duckstab. I’ve never seen anything other than grey icons for the 2 lighthouses and controllers.

I’ve never previously owned a vive, so no link box or previous drivers confusing the issue. The headset just plain hasn’t ‘seen’ any of these devices, not even once.

I also can’t create a support account - complains that my password is incorrect. 10 password resets later, and still the same error. Something’s borked in there.

So my only way to contact them has been via their support email - this was over a week ago. I’ve nudged them again yesterday. I’ve heard nothing - I can’t even tell if they’ve received the email. To say I’m not impressed is understating things

Please update this thread if you have any succeeds duckstab, and I’ll do the same.

@Dallas.Hao @Doman.Chen

Update: I dm’d Doman Chen, and he got back to me to setup a TeamViewer session very quickly. After around 30mins attempting to diagnose the issue, it was concluded there was a hardware fault.

I was passed onto the returns team, who provided me a UK return address, and explained that they have replacement units also in the UK, so the turnaround should be fairly quick.

Fingers crossed the next unit works.

Update 2: After a two week wait, I received a replacement headset. While waiting I asked for an ETA, and got a vague (and slightly concerning) ‘sorry for the delay, we’re processing a lot of returns’ response.

Got the headset - very excited but . . . . I’m still experiencing exactly the same issue. I’ve performed full Window’s re-install to no avail. Plus, new headset’s right screen also blanks out after around 10min. Waggling the cable sometimes helps, but it eventually doesn’t. I’ve tried reseating the cable, but makes no difference. Gah!

I have lost faith in this product and have requested a refund. Which means going through Pimax support once again - I’ve had a support ticket open for a week asking for a refund. The responded offering tech support - feels like they didn’t read about the headset having a physical fault. I responded explaining that I didn’t want tech support (which I need to take time off work for, as they only offer it during Shanghai-time 9-5). Still waiting for a response on that 3 days later.

This has been the singularly worst customer experience I have ever had with a product. It’s such a shame, because the picture quality was so good when it worked. But I’m left with serious doubts about:
a) the product’s long-term quality, and
b) the support I would receive for any future problems

I wish you all the best of luck - and happy VR’ing! But I’m out.


Update: There is no update. Support hasn’t responded to my ticket and there’s no sign of life from this thread (it’s been a month and a half since I began this thread, and my ticket has been open for over two weeks). I’m so disappointed. I’ll tag the same people you did in the hopes of some visibility.

@Dallas.Hao @Doman.Chen @Sean.Huang @Alan.sun