[RESOLVED] Horrible Pimax 4k experience



What is your pirender set at?


Ok, got the controller issue fixed. Just needed to add _vrseated to launch options.

Very happy now, other than the brightness level.


try changing the brightness level in pitool. here:

or the gamma or brightness in whatever game your playing


What pitool version is this?


Pitool using firmware


Where can I get the firmware?


I think @Century made request & @CMM posted link.

Firmware for Pimax 4K


Well I think Helio and I have answered all your questions and you are having a better experience with your 4k now?

Are you OK if we mark this thread as resolved now?


Yeah, definitely. The Brightness and contrast sliders worked, so yeah. Its working fine. Thank you guys for your help.


Great to hear… glad we could help.


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Do you have a recommendation for brightness and contrast settings?