[resolved]Pimax4k & nvidia1080 problem


hi guys i chance today my card from 390x to nvidia 1080 WITH 390X all version piplay and pittool work perfect for me but after i chance my card to 1080 my pimax4k work only with version piplay any other version not recronize my pimax4k anyone with same problem or any solution … :frowning:


Can you tell me please what colour the Led is on the top of the Hmd please?

If it’s RED unplug and plug back in the USB (pc end)
If it’s GREEN unplug and plug back in the Hdmi and then the USB (pc end)
If it’s BLUE it should be OK, but just reboot just in case.

Have you also downloaded the 1080 video drivers from Nvidia as well?


hi thanks you for reply my pimax4k with other versions stay on green light i use the last nvidia drivers 419 version i make reboot i unistal all drivers i clean all pimax folders from %appdata% i try unplug and plug back in all cables hdmi and usb i test all piplay version and pitool as well the only version work for me with 1080 nvidia is the with my amd card 390x before all version work as well without any problem :frowning: my firmware is serial number 1007…


Does your 1080 have more than 1 hdmi port?
If so can you please plug the 4k into the other hdmi and unplug USB and plug it back in again.




have just 1 HDMI port i have this card http://www.gainward.com.tw/main/vgapro.php?id=982&lang=en i try all this i stuck on for now i try hours with all other version no succes fail only…many times plug in unplug all cable my Nvidia drivers is version 419.35 is the last 1


today i have problems with to so i cant play with my pimax4k with any version no succes with 1080 nvidia


for an unknown reason my pimax4k started to work
it’s all good now…after installation in the oldest version 1 any version work ok strange problem
all finished well

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