[Resolved]Random flashing pixel in Pimax 5K



I got my Pimax yesterday but the screen pixels are randomly flashing all over.
Specially visible in dark background this is really disturbing.

See attached pictures.

[Replied]Pixel noise an flashing in new 8K (SUPEN-885)

I seen this exact thing today at a vr arcade on a vive. It was a faulty power cord on the headset from being twisted to often. It was connected to a treadmill. You might want to look there first.


Check if the cable is correctly seated in the headset too.


Which headset did you receive? Sorry to hear pixel issue. Try as suggested power supply. Have you submitted a ticket? @Dallas.Hao can monitor ticket process.


I received Pimax 5K+ my ticket is SUPEN-659
I provided a video in the Ticket upload.


Do you use extension cords or adapters?


Not using any adapter or extention.


I have the same thing on the 8K i received today. Plus the screen flashes randomly.
EDIT: not using extension, and using the same power adapter as my 5K+ (which has no issues).


Here is a small update.

Well second cable didn’t work and now the second headset didn’t work too. It’s either an environmental issue maybe EMC or I am not lucky or the whole batch is defective…

I tried to wrap the cable with tin foil but nothing, also tried the headset in different room still those damn dot everywhere.

It starts almost ok but it get more and more random dots over time…maybe over heating of some components?


Just get new replacement and found same issue. Will investigate more after get the old one from other backer.


I got a replacement cable AND a replacement headset, both have the same problem.
I have returned all headsets and cables today…


so it may be the graphic card or the computer. Have you tried it on a different PC ?


Agreed try a different DP & if available another of pc.


No second PC with VR capability.
I tried all DP already on both Headset.


I have the same problem 5k+


I have the same issue on my replacement 5k+ as well. For me the issue is there about half of the time when I turn the headset on and the other half of the time it works perfectly with no flashing pixels. If it is there I just switch to a different DP port on my GPU and restart the headset and the problem will be gone.


Same issue on the 8k here


Welcome Back Marco! @park recently posted a clip on cable filter tgat may help sheilding quality.

Some have found it has been a particular DP, Wall PSU or cable itself.

Are you running your old card or tge 2080ti you were looking at?


Would the problem possibly be because the power line is generating interfearance to the hdmi line ?

I am running a pimax on a i9 9900k on Asus maximus XI Extreme air cooled with noctua. 32gb of ram G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 4133 (PC4 33000) F4-4133C17Q-32GTZR

Msi 2080 ti trio as video card


Quite possible @park bought one or 2 of these. Follow the thread ashe postedwhere to order. Some display cables come with these pre-installed. They help to filter out emi/rf interference. Park also ugraded his wall plug.

Awesome setup! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: