[Resolved]Random flashing pixel in Pimax 5K


Same problem here. I got mine today, was really happy after all the trouble, and now… new problems. Also the software… when any other program is opend in the background of the desktop, and the PiTool is in the foreground, almost nothing from the PiTool is visible. HOW CAN THAT BE? Who made it like that??? I really think about to give my headset back and step back from my pledge, because I don’t want to wait two months, to get a replacement, just for getting the same issue again. Other companies/headsets don’t have this problem, and also other problems not. They have already sensors/basestations and controllers on the market too. We have still to wait until the 3rd quarter to get controllers and until the 4th quarter to get base stations. Minimum, because we all know about Pimax and promises about delivering, all backers know what I mean. I prefer to forgo such a high resolution and high field of view, but do not have flashing pixels, and other problems.


Pitool transparency is an issue in Nvidia setting.


Hi all I’ve had my 5k plus for a mouth now and have stop useing it the flashing is ridiculous… when are we going to get new leads?
My mate has the 5k plus and pimax sent a replacement lead this fix the problem for him
Im backer 6355. Come on pimax this is not on.


By leads you mean replacement cable? @mozi

Post your Supen.

@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers.

As you know the reality not to be confused with excuse is support is heavily backlogged due to a less than ideal launch. The team is trying to get a handle on things & unfortunately are not near the light at the end of the tunnel.

Once the US facility is able to get running efficiently will help as will the new support management software the team is looking into.


Hi just small update, Pimax Team came to my Home last week and they bring along the latest Pimax 5K and 8K for testing in my computer. And it worked! It seems they fixed the flashing issue with a new motherboard revision…I finally can enjoy my Pimax 5K without thousands of snowing Pixels :smiley:

However the new headset have a single white pixel on the left eye. I must be bad luck really, but they promised to replace it later. Anyway is better than before and I can enjoy VR again.

Thanks for the two Pimax engineers to show up at my home twice at night, you really rocks! I hope you enjoyed the shopping in Hong Kong :smiley:


Any places for rent? :heart_eyes: But yeah that’s awesome. Comgrats! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: