[RESOLVED] Refund Processing


@Dallas.Hao @Pimax-Support

P1224 is still awaiting refund. I had my ticket closed without discussion. Why am I not seeing the money if the refund has been issued?

I was charged same day as order on Oct 26 2018

and I have NOT received the two line-item refunds

Please help me resolve this issue.

I really enjoy my Pimax headset, and evangelize for the brand. I want to continue to have good will towards Pimax.

Thank you.

  • @PimaxUSA Because his office got my original ticket traction…maybe knows about Stripe reprocessing times?


We can see the tickets but don’t have a role in refund processing etc. Who’s office got your transaction? I’m not sure what you mean.


Sorry—traction (not transaction) in English refers to “grip”. Meaning my ticket was going nowhere until I called the Pimax USA support center telephone number and spoke to Kim, who said she couldn’t help with payment related issues, but ended up flagging my original ticket so it finally got attention in China the next day. But I digress (google that one).



We have a refunding list, where all refunded orders are recorded.

And the record shows in 3rd June and 6th June, you have been separately refunded $300 and $169 for base station& controllers and hand motion.

I will inquire the Financial Department for this issue. If the refunded be confirmed by FD, then I think you’d better call Stripe.

Anyway, will back to you tomorrow. It is nearly 20:00 pm in China now.



Thank you for the reply. Stripe ended up combining the refunds…saves them transaction costs as they push back to my CC account? Anyways they finalized the transaction and even provided me a STAN today.

I’d really recommend getting a transaction pipeline established that can handle these cases with a bit more grace. The products from PIMAX are great – they are worthy of a support structure of the same caliber! All the best as you continue to grow and learn.

Anyways, Snap Back (to reality)! Ohp, there goes rabbit…

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