[Resolved]Should I return it?


The headset was running fine for a couple weeks, but now all of a sudden it has terrible fps and can’t be used. The games on my monitor are running fine, and headtracking is working fine, but the headset screen has a very choppy view. I tried rolling back to before the windows creator update but things are still not working.

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After rolling back windows it might be an idea to reinstall piplay & see if that corrects the issue your having.

Please also post your system specs with gpu driver version


Reinstalled piplay just now, it is still very choppy
GTX 1060 6gb
Driver Version 384.76
intel i5-6400 @2.70GHz
8 gb ram

I feel like the problem has something to do with the display on the pimax or maybe a problem with the way the graphics card is sending the video to it


Make sure you’re not overusing Super-Sampling or the Render slider in Piplay, you can not use both.


In my case, I fixed the driver of GTX 1060 6 gb from 384.76 to 384.53, this problem has been improved. Piplay is 1.1.92.


Sorry,The Driver Version :384.53✕ 382.53.◯

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Hi, I suggest that you could download the lower driver (381.xx or 382.xx) from https://www.geforce.com/drivers and then install it manually same as below:

Or please use debug_tool to export logs to support@pimaxvr.com, we will analyze it, thanks.

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thanks a lot! rolling back the drivers completely fixed it :smiley:


I wonder if it may be the “Clean Install” that has fixed the problem rather than rolling back to an earlier driver?
I always keep the Nvidia driver updated to the latest version and have never had any issues. Sooner or later everything has to be updated regardless.