[Resolved]Timeline of a pimax preorder - a historical reference and warning for future customers



Current status: STILL NOT RESOLVED.

I have countless tickets, emails and forum posts, so thought I’d consolidate into a single thread for my own sanity. I will keep this thread updated to help potential customers make their decision.

20181026 - Order placed, using Paypal checkout.

20181027 - Order P1169 confirmed - “Hi …, we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent

<4 months pass>

20190218 - “How to change address info(1).pdf” - "Hello, I am sorry to give you a reply now. Since we were on vacation before, we are only going to work now, so the information reply has been delayed. Now we have reviewed and found that your order information is incomplete.
I hope you can check your details according to the attachment. Fill in the information and fill it out, we will arrange for you to ship the goods.

Sorry to bring you the inconvenience."

This PDF contained instructions for logging into a pimax shop account and changing shipping address. I ordered using Paypal checkout, so I have no pimax shop account - pimax should have my shipping address provided from paypal. I create an account, just in case, make sure shipping address is correct, and reply to pimax with what i’ve done, including adding my shipping address in the email.

20190221 - Sent to preorder@pimaxvr.com: Hi there, I’ve waited a few days but got no response from preorder@pimaxvr.com in regards to my shipping address update.
Could you please tell me if my information is adequate for my preorder P1169."

20190305 - SUPEN-2517 - “Shipping Address and account confirmation”. ticket opened as I’ve got no response from pimax.

20190313 - SUPEN-2517 closed without resolution “Moyo liu commented: We have two colleagues solving order requests received in Preorder@pimaxvr.com and support@pimaxvr.com, which are Pimax official service channels for handling issues in Preorders or raised by Kickstarters.”

20190313 - SUPEN-2709 preorder@pimaxvr.com is not responding - Just to let them know I’ve had zero response from any email sofar.

20190327 - SUPEN-3704 - Is everything ok with my order. Outlining everything above, trying to get reassurance that pimax is on the same page.

20190404 - pimax response to SUPEN-2709, and identical response to SUPEN-3704 Dallas Hao commented: Sorry to tell you that your adress is not confirmed yet. Could you give me your address information? we need this to arrange your headset shipment Address: city: etc

20190404 - My reply to both of those responses: Hi Dallas.
I can confirm that the shipping address you already have is correct. Please see your own web site:
https://pimaxvr.com/12737675 < redacted order confirmation page >

This lists my shipping address clearly, and even has a Google Map! This page was already sent to me by Pimax, so i’m left scratching my head in confusion as to what the problem is.

To be clear, this is for order P1169, made via paypal (which provides shipping address very clearly).

Furthermore, you also sent a request for me to create an account and fill in my shipping details even after you sent the correct details back to me. I ALSO completed making this account as requested, and filled in my shipping details again by copying and pasting them from the order you already have, as depicted in the website link above. These details were sent to preorder@pimaxvr.com as requested. Please see account “< redacted >” on pimaxvr.com.

I’ve in addition sent several times to preorder@pimaxvr.com and to support@pimaxvr.com the shipping information, and requests as to status, which have been completely ignored, as well as tickets like “SUPEN-2517:Shipping Address and account confirmation” that were closed without resolution.

I’m submitting this plea for your identical responses to SUPEN-2709 and SUPEN-3074 (below for reference):

PLEASE PROCEED WITH SHIPPING TO THE ADDRESS ON THE ORDER. See the link above if you’re still not sure.

I’ll also copy and paste it here, twice, just in case.

< redacted shipping address >

< redacted shipping address >

20190409 - SUPEN-3074 pimax response- Dallas Hao commented: I can mannually change confirm your address info, the record still shows that you didn’t confirm you address.

20190409 - My response
Dallas, I’ve completed every single instruction pimax has asked. What do I have to do to get you to update your records to confirmed? Nothing sofar I have tried has worked. Why have you not confirmed my address? I’ve supplied it in every ticket, every email, in the original paypal order, and in the new account you requested that i make. See attachment. < attached screenshot of pimax account showing address >

What account are you looking at??? are you looking at the right account for order P1169 ? Where should I log into to see what you’re seeing - I did checkout of my order in october last year with Paypal (which provides shipping address) so was not required to make any account on pimaxvr.com. You can see the shipping address on the P1169 order. After pimax sent me an email saying I need to confirm the address I created a new account at pimaxvr.com but it doesnt show order P1169. Why have you made this so painful? Please just ship to the address I requested via PAYPAL on order P1169.

We are now up to number 6 <-- the amount of times I’ve provided my shipping address on request. What more do you need? My mind is exploding trying to understand why you’ve sent me this latest email with BLANK fields for shipping address. Did you not even read my previous replies which have the address included?

I’m normally very patient and and very forgiving, but you’re literally driving me to tears here. I’m pulling my hair out. Is this really the customer service experience I should remember?

Please manually confirm the shipping address information for me. I’ve asked for this in every ticket and email. It is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING that your records STILL show that you haven’t confirmed my address as requested.

Please see second screenshot attached - Its your own web site with shipping address clearly displayed. Its been there since October 2018. < attached screenshot showing pimax order confirmation with shipping address >

Why are you punishing me so badly?

20190414 - Posted on SUPEN-3704 ticket web interface:
Just in case you didnt get my email. < redacted shipping address >, as per the Paypal order. Please manually confirm this for me

20190415 - Dallas response Hi sir, I can’t get the necessary information via the link you sent, because there is a privacy policy. Please provide info. as the following format: Address: city: etc

20190416 - Address confirmation email from Pimax Hi, I’m Dallas from Pimax forum and customer service team. Sorry to tell you that your address is not confirmed yet. Could you give me your specific English version address information? Your headset is arrived at oversea warehouse and we need this to arrange your headset shipment. Headset version: Address: city: etc

20190416 - My Response:
Hi Dallas - I’ve provided it too many times to count. This has gone beyond stupid. Here it is again:
< redacted shipping address >

20190416 - Pimax reply Thanks for your message, your original email in your order is < redacted >, am i right? Your order is confirmed, my colleague is arranging the shipment. Have a good day!

20190416 - My Response:
Yes - thats my email address for Paypal. The Shipping address was provided to Pimax by Paypal on the 26th of October 2018. It was confirmed back to me by Pimax the next day in an order confirmation email. I’ve sent you screenshots of this. Regards.

Fingers crossed.


at least they reply back to you…


I’m astonished at how bad this experience has been so far. The only explanation I can think of is they’re simply not getting my emails somehow. The latest few replies I also doubled up and posted them on the web interface for the open tickets.


Just open a Paypal dispute.
It’s sad, but I received a lot more attention after that :blush:


Yup good idea, that will be the next step if i don’t get some kind of tracking number in the next week.

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Thanks for your message.

OK, thanks for your email and service desk.

As i replied, your address is confirmed already and we are waiting for your address for a long time.

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