[Resolved] -Updated- Backer 3993 5k+ strange colored lines on bottom half of display SUPEN-4367


Edit newest - Pimax US office is replacing.

Edit- I’ve narrowed it down to a hardware issue with the display. It’s struggling to display 90hz. If I lower to 72hz or below, it is fine and has no lines on the display. Can I please get a replacement now instead of jumping through hoops?

Original post-
This is an odd one. Only showing on the bottom half of the right display. It’s most noticeable on white/gray backgrounds, but on other colors it shows the same pattern as black. Almost seems as if some pixels may not be functioning properly.

This is on my replacement 5k+ after the cracked casing issue.

Top picture is showing where it cuts off half way up the display. Bottom picture is the whole area.

Things I’ve tried:
SteamVR Beta(and non beta)
Latest pitool beta
Latest pitool stable
Reseating cable
rebooting PC/headset
Parallel Projections on/off
Smart smoothing on/off

Any chance this isn’t a defect and can be fixed without sending it back -again-?

If it is a defect, this is a little ridiculous

@Doman.Chen @Alan.sun @PimaxUSA


Bump due to no response. I have emailed the NA support team about it so hopefully I’ll hear back sometime early during the week.


So just to update. After talking with Pimax US support, this is their response:

We are sorry that you are experiencing this. I reached out to my Supervisor, as I have not seen this before. He indicates that it looks like a small amouthof condensation got between the LCD panel layers. That probably cannot be repaired without replacing the panels themselves which is a factory oriented operation and not something we can do in this office. The next step would be for you to go to https://pimaxvr.com/pages/feedback open an Order Issue ticket and someone from Corporate will instruct you on what we can do for you.

Looks like another long rma period for me since it can’t go through the US office :frowning:
Waiting on Alan’s response to the supen now…it shouldn’t be this difficult to get a headset without defects.


Hi,Alan has replied to you on your ticket and asked for a remote session,please check.


I’m waiting for alan’s reply for scheduling but I’ve done some more troubleshooting and found the lines disappear if I lower the refresh rate to 72hz. 90hz they return. It’s definitely a screen issue at that point.

I’ve replied to the ticket showing a video.