Return, Refund, and Cancel Request



I would like a refund for my order of a pimax 5k+ and the controller/basestation combo. I was a preorder customer and have received the headset but nothing else.

I received my headset and it has yet to work. Via the Pimax Forums, Reddit, and eventually a support ticket, I have found nobody who can get my headset to work, despite multiple support sessions and allowing support full access to my computer and doing everything they have asked (links below). I do not want more people to tell me to cycle through every USB I have, power the PC on and off, download different software, etc. I just want a refund. I ordered early February, received early April, and still have no luck. Please refund my faulty product.

Reddit post:
Forum post: [Replied]USB and DP always disconnected
Support SUPEN: SUPEN-3475

Thank you,

@DerekVVV @Dallas.Hao


Do you already disable power management?
Try to turn off windows defender.
Update gpu driver after install pitool.


I wonder if anyone has had any success with Return/Refund of any Pimax products…

Good Luck with your process, I have created a ticket for Return/Refund as well and they sure take their freaggin time…


I have tried all three of those. Unfortunately, none of them worked.


I have seen some stories of successful returns. Good luck to you too.


your refund is under approval.

dont worry, it takes 3-5 working days.


OK. Thank you Derek. I hope the process works well.


still in process, please be patient.

nice day.


@DerekVVV @Dallas.Hao

Hi, I returned my headset two weeks ago and have yet to receive a refund or a confirmation of receipt (my tracking says it was delivered two weeks ago). Can you facilitate this please?




Sally asked you for returning tracking number on SUPEN-4605


Hi, the tracking number was provided above her post over a week ago





How long should this take? I have been asking for a refund for weeks and Pimax has had possession of my device for over two weeks now. I have tried to be patient but this is absurd.




Any update here?


@SweViver please jump in, btw is Derek still in the team?



have you been contacted with Sally, normally I leave all refunding issues to her.


she’s replying you now.


Yes, I have been in communication with Sally for a few weeks now but have made slow progress. She replied last night that they had received the headset and were applying for a refund now.

@DerekVVV - how long would you expect the refund application process take?

@nukular thanks for the help.


5-7 working days,

and here comes the Dragon Boat Festival in China, hope you can be refunded before Friday, otherwise the refund would be next week,

Happy Festival.