Return/Refund Process Takes Forever




This ticket was created couple weeks ago and I still have no help in this matter…
This has been the most irritating experience I’ve had all year…

@DerekVVV @Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA


Since your in the USA perhaps @PimaxUSA might be able to assist getting the process moving.


Thank you. let me add it.


We aren’t flagged or notified about issues that do not relate to technical support. If a person has a question or issue with their headset or are trying to transport one for repair or replacement to or from our location then we can quickly jump in. In this sort of case the local team has no vision into it.


Who said your team was. Just stated you can help him get it expedited as communication is not working & you said before you could support by forwarding to main office. As he is in NA it fits that you can help with the process as you said in the past.

Even though your facility is not able to process refunds.


We can’t see the circumstances and therefore cannot try to expedite. I.E. We can’t tell if they sent the headset back, already received the refund, never paid, payment delayed by payment processor, never received it, received the wrong thing etc… We can’t exactly flag something that way. We regularly flag tech support oriented issues even those that aren’t in NA because we can see the entire trail of data.


No but as you have told others; you can forward things to the appropiate people in the main office. Why the side step now?

Looking into a customer whom is not getting a response is a positive thing to help establish a good public image. Or is that not in the roadmap?

Expediting communication can help the process if the system has misplaced things as it has in the past.


I just want a clean/easy Return for Refund process going…

I understand @PimaxUSA is TechSupport center and does not handle anything other than TechSupport related issues… but like Heliosurge has stated that you guys can forward things to the appropriate people in the main office… I’d really appreciate it if you can do that far… I have also included the ticket number in the first post.

Pimax reallly needs to get this customer support issues fixed… just know that I am not alone…


Hello Mozi sent me a message stating that the headset has arrived at the pimax warehouse and they will arrange a refund in 2 days well it has been 6 days so far and still nothing supen-4127.


@PimaxUSA [quote=“Heliosurge, post:7, topic:19807”]
Looking into a customer whom is not getting a response is a positive thing to help establish a good public image. Or is that not in the roadmap?

Not in his job description??

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This feels a bit harsh to me. He will have a job description. If he’s doing someone else’s job as well, he’s covering up the root cause which needs fixing. It’s easy to say it’s just an email, but if he does it for one USA customer he has to do it for all USA customers, if its so easy why not for everyone on the forum and so on. Soon mission creep means he ends up being the go to guy for everyone for everything. The same forum members will be quick to critisize if USA tech support levels slide :roll_eyes: