Return / Refund


I have tried for weeks to return my two headsets which are faulty. I then receive an email saying my case had been ‘resolved’ when it hasn’t. I am wanting an address to send the headsets to and a refund of the money spent. Does anyone have a contact number I could contact? Or any ideas to speed this process up?


Maybe @SweViver can help You out? :wink:


Hi Katie!
Have you created a ticket and do you have the SUPEN number? I could have a look at it right away.
You could DM (direct message) me here as well!



I still haven’t got anywhere with this query. Can anyone help push it forward?


@SweViver works at Pimax. Did You answer him in a private message?

You didn’t answer him here it seems… :wink:


I did message him privately


OK, hopefully he’ll look at Your issue tomorrow then… :+1::wink: