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This Topic will List Users Whom Have Received Headsets & Links to their Reviews.

:zap:= M1 Backer

Post #1 is a Wiki for 5k+ Backers.
Post #2 is a Wiki for 8k Backers.
Post #3 Backer Meetups Wiki

5k+ Backet Reviews Wiki


This post Covers Backers who have received the pimax 8k.

8k Backers Reviews Wiki


This Post covers Backers Directory whom have attended backer Meetups.

Backer Meetup Wiki

Chicago Meetup Dec Contributed by @karrtoon
Chicago Backer Meetup Impressions videos! [unofficial]

5K+ Be screenshots


Very helpful thanks.


New! Get To know Pimax Team Members! (This Post is a Wiki)

@mixedrealityTV Pimax Team Members Interviews.


An interview with Xunshu - it was a good idea, I really liked :slightly_smiling_face::+1::boom: