[Reviewed]Kat Walk Mini and Pimax 8K



KAT Walk is preparing a new Kickstarter to launch the mini version of its walker, whose main difference is that it does not incorporate the user’s large support column.

KAT Walk mini has a new design that, like the big one, allows the user to walk, run, jump and even bend over. At the moment, there is no more information available, so we have to wait for the launch of the campaign.

KAT VR emphasizes that the video version is only a prototype, so the design of the final version will be improved and will have a more compact appearance. As we can see in the previous video, this mini walker has a rotating fastener coupled to the base of the walker, which allows to eliminate the column of restraint on which the user could even “hang”. Being this rigid, it seems feasible to think that it will also allow us to sit down for driving.

The walker will be compatible with all games and applications that have free movement, without developers having to do anything on their part. Although they also have an SDK to perform more functions.

Spanish article (With me hanging around, literally.)


We have some more Data:

This reduced version measures 1.58 m high, has a base of 1.55 x 1.55 m, occupies an area of 1.76 m2 and weighs 85 kg. Some more manageable values for domestic users than those of the normal and premium edition, weighing close to 200 kg, have a height of 2.8 m and occupy a space of up to 2.76 m2.

Kat Walk Mini official page.

The KAT Walk mini

Any idea on when the kickstarter for it will start?
Or… do they have a hidden page like Pimax initially did?


Updated with a longer video.


I asked . It’s also compatible with pimax 8K-X


Why should not it be? It will only have another cable.


God damn it, I’m F**k for 2cm…



please update this post when the kickstarter is active, this thing looks amazing!



We have some more Data:


This and Skyrim VR with no fast travel. You could really get in shape.


Kat Walk Mini official page.

More in UploadVR.


Yes, even riding a horse.


So… do you know when the KickStarter for this will start?

I’m definitely liking the look of this.


Not yet. I guess they’ll say it on their blog.


There is no KickStarter: you can buy it now, but… look at the prices!

After May 19, $2000!

KAT Walk Mini - VR Treadmill

This is really disappointing, wasn’t the original KatWalk under $600 on Kickstarter?


And what about Virtuix Omni? http://www.virtuix.com/cart/
The price tag is more humane, but the possibilities are still the same.
Can someone already tried it once and will share now their impressions?


Kat Walk Mini Prices in Road to VR.


Relatively expensive.


The price ballooned to match the hype.


Well… I know what I’m NOT getting… That is too much.