Revive Rant Unvalidated



I am sure you would post proof & not just an accussation. Like iVRy developer had to do when NoloVR had used his code without permission. The proper way.


That’s fine it’s called moderation. I accept a C as I should have as a Mod shutdown the conversation as it was off Topic.

As for accrediting you for the thread you should own it as your the one promoting an unvalidated claim. If CrossVR is serious about his claim he should do it properly as iVRy dev did. Have fun as I am not participating in your topic.


Now that you’ve buried the thread? Uh huh. I’ll get right on that.


HAHAHA, you moderated yourself?! Maybe you should suspend your account while you’re at it?


Buried? No I didn’t hide or delete the thread.


No already took appropiatenaction. Imho anyway as you know others have been suspended for spreading “false conspiracy theories”; I will that up to homeland security. As we 0ften disagree what is a false theory vs possibility that is easily proven.

In this case it is not up to you or I. This concern is between 2 parties & it appears not important enough to have them openly in contact with one another.


How do I delete my account here?

Let me guess: I can’t. :baby_bottle::baby::fist_left::broken_heart: