RFactor 2 settings?


Hey everyone!

Anyone with a pimax 5k+ or 8k play rFactor2 and have some decent graphic settings?

I tried sebring full course with the amg gt3 and im getting 45-55fps with normal fov. Specs:
RTX 2080ti fe, 32gb ram, 8700k@4.8 all

Any help would be appreciated.


I planned to try it in the next few days.
What Pitool and SteamVR settings did you try?


Im always keeping it the same
Normal fov
.91 pitool
100% steamVR SS


I finally got around to trying rFactor2.
I found that my ideal setting is a 70-75% downsampling (Either by setting Pitool to 0.75 or setting SteamVR to 70%). Same result either way.
Racing with 12 cars will get a little choppy (60-70fps) but nothing i can’t survive for a few corners. I’m really sensitive to low FPS in VR, so I’d rather just lower settings.


Ok I’m glad to hear it’s not just my PC. Wait until you try a multiplayer server. The fps is better than against AI. AI Takes more fps to render from what I’ve seen. I just hope that with a full grid it doesn’t get really bad.

iRacing is the best when it comes to VR. 1.0 and 100% and it’s a perfect 90fps any track any car.
RaceRoom looks great at 1.0 and also about 80%
Assetto Corsa i have steamVR 150% and 1.0 and it stays at 90fps with them as well (although I haven’t run it in the last few weeks)

If you get Pcars2 and if you ever try IL-2 Sturmovik also, let me know what your settings are and what fps you get in those.


I am in the same boat. The new GT3 pack and Sebring… what an experience. Sadly rf2 is so poorly optimized in VR its useless with the Pimax :frowning:


Yes, unfortunately and that although it is such a good simulation.


I figured. It’s still usable at 70-75fps but Im just worried it could get worse in Multiplayer. Hopefully it doesnt


I think I am more like in the 40ish framerates.


I do not think so, because in multiplayer mode only your own car needs to be calculated and no AI. What kind of system do you have? I have a 2080ti and 8700k.