Right eye black, left eye crazy bright, HELP


Hello, ive been having this problem where everything will be working great, and then all of a sudden the head set freezes, the right eye goes totally black, and the left eye increases brightness to the max. I am using a gtx1080 with the latest drivers, and also the latest pimax. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it, happens randomly weather watching a video, or playing a game. doesn’t seem to matter what res scaling is set to, although it seems to happen quicker if the scaling is set higher. but this will happen at resolution 1 in piplay, and also scaling set at 100 percent in steam vr.


@Pimax-Support please take a look.



Can i kindly confirm more information with you?

  1. device connection on piplay is ok or not?
    device LED is blue?connection page on piplay is all connected(USB&HDMI) or not?
  2. when the headset suddenly freeze and eye goes black and max brightness,please leave log for us.
    piplay ->setting->help->export log
  3. If it is normal use before, what kind of steps you have done until now? e.g. update GTX1080 driver?
  4. freezing means headset freezing or PC freezing?could it recover to normal?or the device could not use anymore now?

We strongly recommend you to change another PC to have a try if possible. This will make sure it is not the reason from PC hardware.


The light stays blue and the head tracking continues to function, the mirror image on the computer monitor continues to play normally. To fix the situation, I close the game/video player, close steam vr, and switch pimax to video mode, and then back to pimax mode. This is with the BE head set oled screen.


The other thing I should add is that sometimes the head tracking will go completely haywire, image is flying all around on the screen very fast and crazy. When this happens, both eyes are still functional. Not sure if the two problems are related.


Would you please kindly leave the piplay and steamvr log for us to analysis bassed on above issue?
steamlog=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs
tell us the time slot for log so that we could locate the log position.tks


do you use single helmet or use NOLO controller together for steamvr game?


Are there certain files you want from the log?. The forum won’t let me upload the zip file.


Just the headset and Xbox controller.