RMA my headset 21 daya ago and still ignoring my emails

I sent my 5k plus back because of cracked houseing on the 24th oct and i was told i get refounded the shipping cost, the headset arrived at the center at the 30th oct and i have got zero response on my emails over the past 2 weeks.
Want my new headset and my refound of the shiping cost pls…
My ticket is 18,394

You’re not alone. Mine arrived 4 weeks ago and today still no news about my replacement headset. AFAIK Matthew is alone to manage tickets AND this forum. He said he left the forum to focus on tickets this week.

I can only guess …
@Matthew.Xu said he is out of the forum this week since the ticket numbers due to preorders und such have exploded over 2000 and the team is struggling to get them answered, that your requests are buried in there. I would suggest a PM to Matthew.

angry vince……………………………………………………

@Matthew.Xu can you help me with my ticket ?still no info.
Got a reply about the refound but still nothing and nothing about my new headset.

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Sorry for the inconvenience.

I submitted your RMA application a week ago. I just checked it and it hasn’t been approved yet.

I will immediately provide you with priority and follow up your approval today, strive for the approval to be completed and arrange new delivery for you.

Thank you for your patience.

It has been confirmed that delivery will be arranged for you today. Thank you.

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Tnx dude, any news about my refound of the shipping cost?

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Please wait two more days for the application.
Thank you for your support.