Road To VR Hands-on: VRHero “5K” Plus. Pimax "8K" also commented


VRHero “5K” Plus is aiming for the Enterprise.

Has a pair of 2,560 × 1,440 OLED displays running at 70Hz, a 150-170º FOV and doesn’t use fresnel lenses. But is huge and heavy.

Road To VR also quoted the “5K” as they had done with the Pimax “8K”.

…the overall image clarity from the VRHero was notably better than what I’ve seen from the Pimax “8K,” despite the “8K” using higher resolution displays

That’s for the smaller FOV of 150-170º and the new lenses.

Hands-on: VRHero “5K” Plus Aims for Visual Fidelity Above All Else


“While they’re not exactly positioned as competitors (as Pimax is aiming for consumers, and VRgineers for enterprise), the overall image clarity from the VRHero was notably better than what I’ve seen from the Pimax “8K,” despite the “8K” using higher resolution displays (3,840 × 2,160 per display, vs. 2,560 × 1,440), which is a bit counterintuitive. I asked VRgineers why they thought this might be the case; they say that image clarity is their number one priority, and so they selected the best components to maximize visual quality across the entire pixel to photon pipeline.”

Hmm interesting


“$9,000 price tag”



LOL had not seen the price! :joy:
In any case, it’s too huge and heavy for games.


Must be OLED + Smaller FOV??


The better clarity of the image is from higer PPD resolution an better lenses. OLED is more for better brightness and contrast.


And they will give you an extended service warrantee for $1500. No joke


Yeah I think it’s caused by:

  • OLED
  • Better lenses (non fresnel)
  • It uses 100% of the panel’s pixels (Pimax does not, supposedly around 80%)
  • Smaller FoV, thus higer PPD resolution (relatively of course).

But this thing being 1 kg heavy and costing $9000, well it’s not meant for gamers :slight_smile:


the view in the headset is ‘display limited’ rather than ‘lens limited’, meaning the lenses had a somewhat wider field of view than the displays; by not filling the entire field of view of the lenses



Have they explained how they say a 100m cable? Lol

But yeah crazy expensive. 1kg for weight? Lenses might be top glass type.


Yes, that’s what I meant that they’re using 100% of the panel’s pixels. Downside is indeed the sharper edges. I myself could live with that (I have sharp edges too after my Pimax 4k mod where I moved the lenses a bit outside to correct the IPD)


Yes no God Rays! Oups 5 pound on my head… sorry could not refrain myself :wink:


Looks nicer then the reg herovr. This one though if they made it a full helmet folks might think your batman. Lol


The headset with its counterbalanced weight clocks in at 1.08kg, more than twice the weight of the Rift or Vive, or the equivalent of about 30 pairs of sunglasses—not to mention it’s much larger in volume, which further increases its rotational inertia (the effort needed to start and stop rotation of the headset)

The big rotational inertia is the worst issue. The developers must reduce the volume and weight. It’s not even usable.


Agreed, even if it was the same price, I’d buy the Pimax 8k with lesser quality. 1 kg on your head, that’s just not going to work.


Pimax must also be careful with the rotational inertia and avoid heavy modules, especially the farther away from the neck.

Turn your head, break your neck! :joy:

Well, the VRHero “5K” Plus developers say they want to reduce size and weight.


I assume it will be sharper because it uses high quality optics which make all the difference, also it’s native input isn’t it? so no scaling that would soften the image.

This is why pro photographers spend thousands on a single lens. The work that goes into pro grade lenses is much more involving (using humans) than cheaper lenses which are produced using automation.

Fresnel lenses allow for thinner optics and use ridges (instead of a convex shape) to redirect the light back to your eyeball. That’s why they are used for something attached to your head as they are lighter too but you lose light (from light scattering off the ridges). If you use more ridges to redirect more light towards your eyeball then you get a brighter image but lose sharpness so you have to find the sweet spot. I imagine Pimax have had a massive challenge getting these right.

The VRHero, I assume, uses standard optical lenses and would be the reason it weighs so much but the benefit is clarity, just like from a decent SLR lens.


They are sharper not because of the optic, but due to FOV and no upscale. Overall, if you can see screen door effect of the screens, it means that you will not benefit from better optic, because it is not the optic, that limits clarity in that case. It is screens and image resolution (if upscaled)! Better optic would allow you to see SDE better, but would not add any details to the image.


That’s just wrong (first part of your reply) imo and I can’t be bothered to convince you lol, I gave a detailed response why the optics matter.


You can’t see more, than screens are showing. There is no magic here. And if you can see pixels or even sub-pixels - this is it. But you can believe in Magic, why not :wink: