RTX 2070 anyone?


Anyone having the idea to use the new RTX 2070 with is Pimax 5K+?


I would say you’d get some good results as we have 8k users having good success on:
R9 390 8g (not really reccommended) Me
980ti nice results on skyrim @Fresco
1060 6g @Ludx


I would recommend getting at least a 2080, if you can afford it.


I would also personally wait if it’s not needed right away to wait & see what Amd brings out.

Waiting also gives time to sort out first release issues.


Reality check is thus: Even the 2080ti isn’t enough to run the 5k+ with all your settings maxed.

Therefore, get the best thing you can afford but know that anything less than 2080ti is going to step down in performance a fair amount


Why over spend? There are games even on Vive Pro that can’t max. It really comes down to what folks consider acceptable graphic settings & what games interest you. & how much is reasonable to enthusiast to spend on a gpu.

Recent results & results from Sweviver shows that 1070 can run a variety if things well. & some have tested & found even lower spec gpu can run a variety of titles well.

Just comes down to what sacrifices one wants to make if needed.

With Pci-X v4.0 on the horizon some may want to wait for it & try a more value option like the 2070.

I myself? Am quite content with the performance of the 1080ti as a bit if tweaking can get decent stable fps on both headsets. Just Tweaking can be annoying to find that right balance.


Mostly because I play Elite, ETS2, Skyrim, Fallout4 and other games that, while they have VR support they’re not built specifically for it, and as such they smash the hell out of video cards. Those games continue to be made, in that VR in itself isn’t the best market so what is happening is VR ‘support’ is being built in to desktop games [which require umph if you want to run the VR version]… Things like NMS, StarCitizen(yeah, lets not go there) and X:4 (when eventually added) will also have the same GFX card killing specs.

Also, after running my Vive for a while on a slightly lower spec, and loving it to death, I finally upgraded and realized what I was missing. With that hindsight, I don’t overspend - I spend according to my experiences and interests. I like the big games, and I like them to work well

You’re right tho, plenty of simpler, VR built games run will ‘fine.’ That said, you can watch plenty of swevivers videos, running big games in the Pimax at poor performing FPS - with a 2080ti - easyist way is to watch someone with a killer gaming rig play the games you might want to play, then imagine the performance being worse


Then for you maybe $2000 for video card is not over spending.

But for someone on a budget or wanting to wait for pci-X v4.0 cards. It might not fit their plans on an upgrade path.


Sure, of course, and then there’s the next card, and the next… But, with the op’s specific Q on buying now, a 2070, I’d say go better now if you can. He/She’ll get more out of the Pimax, for now, until that next upgrade in a year or two… if the 2070 is the top end that the op can afford, so be it, it’ll still let them enjoy VR. My point was mostly - spend what you can, but don’t get a lesser card [than technically you could buy] because you think ‘it’s enough’ … Wait until the wallet says ‘it’s enough’ …


Personally I wait as we know the rtx 20cards are experiencing too many failures atm & looks to be related to ddr6 memory running too hot.

Until one receives the headset better to wait for lower price deals & if the failure on these cards needs a revision to the pcb design or better cooler design.

New Cpu & Gpu your more often better to wait. Do you remember the VR ready fiasco Nvidia had on some 1070s & 1080s based on reference design? A lot of pissed off Nvidia users with Founders Ed cards not being VR Ready.

But if the lottery supported it a Threadripper & a $7000 Nvidia Hbm card might be what Ultra really needs. :beers::heart_eyes::+1::sparkles:


Yeah, I hear ya… but the op didn’t ask about all that, financial concerns, future upgrade paths, etc - Just about the 2070, and if anyone is planning on getting one for the Pimax. I wouldn’t get a ‘founders’ anything, but getting a 1080 when they [non founders] came out was the best thing I did.

Essentially, we’re giving him/her the same answer - no - just with different reasoning as to why something other than the 2070 is probably better.


True. So if a 2080 is similar to a 1080 ti. Than a 2070 is likely similar to a 1080 or between 1080 & 1080 ti.

His question though has to do if anyone is & not necessarily what’s best. But if folks are or think it can give a reasonable experience. It’s easy to recommend go big or stay home for best experience.

But only the op knows what his reasons are @Frc. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Of course, that’s why I’m not taking the easy option of saying go big or go home, I’m saying I’ve already been through the experience and there’s more to it than just the guesswork of those that haven’t. Good VR performance and great VR performance are two different experiences, and the op also needs to know that when deciding :slight_smile:


I really wanted to wait and get a 2080Ti, once the production issues are sorted out. However, due to RL circumstances, I needed to get a card ASAP (wife’s GPU died). So I got an MSI GeForce RTX 2080 TI Gaming X Trio which was in stock and gave her my old 980Ti.

The 2080 plays Elite Dangerous in 4K with video settings at Ultra and gets 80-125 FPS even with my older i7 CPU. It’s great for 2D, but I expect I’ll need to lower the settings to get a playable game in VR. I plan to upgrade my CPU next year, so that should help increase my framerate further.

FWIW, it’s a great card. The GPU fan doesn’t go over 60% and the memory fans don’t go over 40% even when overclocking above factory-set over clock. I’ve gone up to GPU at 1950 MHz and mem at 2000 MHz without any problems, although I’ve dropped down to 1860 and 7140 for regular use (since I don’t want to burn up my new card).

If you do get an MSI card, do NOT use Dragon Center’s “OC” setting. There seems to be a bug. Yes, it overclocks the GPU, but it maxes the CPU at 100% activity, which lowers the framerate in-game noticeably! Manually using the same settings as a user Profile yields much better game play. @SweViver, you should take note of this since you also have an MSI card.


Yeah, good choice on the 2080 mate.

Elite, specifically, is one of those games that the VR and Desktop versions are a mile apart, in performance.

In a similar paradigm, already having a 1080, I upgraded my CPU from an i5 3750k to an i7 7700k and got rid of a couple of frame skips and the like - it just runs smoother, less hiccups. I wasn’t able to increase any graphics settings, of course, but the whole game ran smoother and made the experience more immersive in heavy VR games


As with any purchase, it all depends on how much you are willing / able to spend on it.
In my case for example, my PC is pretty much the only thing I spend my free time on. Up until now, I’ve always went with the reasonable choices, not the overpriced, bad value-for-money components. But now I figure that, this is pretty much the only thing I’d spend money on anyway so why not give myself a treat and actually enjoy the best available? If you are happy with less then definitely, go with less. It’s all up to your own situation.

As others have said though, at least atm, the 2070 will be rather good for the Pimax devices but don’t expect to max everything out. But there could be hope for all the new tech on the Turing cards that is just sleeping atm. So in that respect I would definitely recommend getting a 20xx card and not a 1080ti or such.


That’s true. For games that use the multi-projection feature, framerate should nearly double in VR.


Yeah and there’s more, too. The variable rate shading, the DLSS for cheaper upscaling, … And yeah there’s also something about ray tracing in there? :stuck_out_tongue: Either way, it’s all there on the hardware side. These cards should be more future proof than any other generation imho.



I went from 1060gtx 6go to 1080ti fe.
How big is the difference, well about twice fps with highter graphics settings and wider FoV.
I was playing and enjoying this hmd with my 1060 very well, mostly playing small FoV (again, it is everything but small) and figured out that it was actually running bad! about 20% loss. How? Well I upgraded fully PC last christmas and didnt notice RAM wasnt correctly recognized. My daugther with a slightly slower PC (I7-7700k@4.2 vs I7-7700@3.6) with less RAM and exactly the same GPU. I was getting 6.7 at steamVR performance (made others benches of course) and while she had 8.3.
With corrects (or at least better since performances are below expected) settings I get 8.2. So in the headset quiet a good improvement about fps.

Now I have the 1080 TI I get lots of fps.
But I actually dont getter image quality and was WAY playable at 35/40fps or 80 for the ones that needed to (beat saber).

So, to me, 1080TI is not at all the requiered minimum GPU.
Just need appropriates Pitool, SteamVR and ingames settings.


AMD Announces Radeon Instinct MI60: World’s First 7nm PCIe 4.0 GPU Shipping Late 2018

I can wait …next year …7nm GPU and PCIe4.0 not far behind for gaming :wink: