RTX 2070 anyone?


Unfortunately, they are “compute” cards…

“These Radeon Instinct cards are strictly for HPC and deep learning applications – in fact, they don’t even have display connectors so you’re out of luck for gaming.”


Thanks… neal_white_iii

I read that… I mean it just around the corner for gaming :grin:

I don’t expect alot from AMD( somehow disappointing the last 2 years )


I had a 1080, and got a second hand water cooled 1080TI for less than half price of the 2080ti, and if I sell the 1080 it should works out less than a third of the price of 2080ti.
Think I will skip the 20xx until about this time next year and see what is about then.


PCIe 4.0 has double the bandwidth of PCIe 3.0 so imo, if you are a late backer then leave the GPU purchase to after you receive it.


Strongly considered purchasing the 2080ti to upgrade my 1080ti decided to wait until after receiving my Pimax. Now I’m glad I did not purchase the upgrade because for the games I play mostly SkyrimVR and FalloutVR or future those type of games and found that my 1080ti with the proper settings and tweaks on a dedicated gaming computer runs very well at High in game settings with wide FOV and steady 79.8 avg fps. In addition on my other desktop with the little wimpy 980ti runs SkyrimVR very well with a slight decrease in performance and image quality compared to my 1080ti entirely acceptable if one has the computer in order and the rights settings ofcourse and that was also using wide FOV.
The information needs to get out there because how many people having a 980ti or similar and I’ve read this already in the forums have said " I hold off on the Pimax because my graphics card surely can’t run a Pimax hmd doesn’t it require some super future graphics card", and then they dismiss it and just say I’ll pass because of this rumor going around. Ultimately hurting Pimax and there chance of success.
So no I don’t agree with getting the best graphics card you can afford. I can afford the best and I’m certainly not buying one now.


I’m not a backer not even per ordering one…just the controller head straps etc PIMAX not out yet
So it does not hurt me waiting for like H 2019 where things get clear with GPU/CPU
Not forgetting about the big player what HMD can they offer !!
(aah my Pc like 8 years old)

While I believe buying the top GPU/CPU… etc that i can afford…for the long run( considering the right time to buy such a thing )


Right, timing is important. I think some folks on the forum have regretted buying a GFX 1080 or 1080 Ti, instead of waiting for the new generation of GPUs.

My approach is similar. I have a PC that I personally assembled. I carefully select quality components. I do some sort of upgrade every 6-12 months or so and I definitely consider cost. This means I always have a fairly good machine, even if it is never top-of-the-line. If I wasn’t getting VR, I probably would have upgraded my CPU, instead of buying a FTX 2080.