RTX rumor: 16 Gbps memory


If this is true, which it actually most likely is due to AMDs release, we could be seeing another 10-15% increase in performance over the original RTX series cards. Good neews for these performance hungry HMDs :smiley: Due to no controllers etc I’ve been on the fence regarding upgrade from my 1080 Ti. This would mean a ~50% boost and would justify the upgrade, if the price is not insanely bumped :no_mouth:


so basicly difference will be like between FFR balanced vs conservative
not going to change my strix 2080ti :slight_smile:
most games I play a CPU utilization is an issue, but thanks for info that new RTX cards are coming…


It will change nothing or very little, because memory bandwidth is already way more high than what is needed , what is really needed to improve things is a complete new memory genre with very low timings and latency, like magneto-resistive memory that Samsung is already manufacturing and sampling.

Nvidia is wasting time on marketing mumbo-jumbo , as always… :slight_smile:


Even if the change yields smaller performance increase , its better than nothing. And it would not make any sense to release a card with better specs if it doesnt increase performance over the others. We’ll just have to wait and see. I dont think buying the rtx just now would be a good thing though.


Interesting but what pricing…lol


A price drop is what Nvidia really needs.


Another update regarding the Turing refresh. Seems promising :grin:, but I will not hold my breath for it to be any more affordable than todays prices…


Basically these will be what the rtx cards should have been in the first place…dunno but looks very nickle and dime time to me.


And you get tricked and scammed again in buying the next Nvidia…and again…and again…for just that 1% performance gain, until next year. :laughing:

Wake up people…learn how to ask better and really improved things stop buying rubbish and paying it a forearm every time…

We need at least a 100% performance improvement (real…not just on paper…) to really improve things in VR and start the VR 2.0 wide FOV era.


Yes, its way too expensive, but tricked, nah. The increase is real compared to a 1080 ti regardless of the steep price. You could wait for “next year”, “next generation” until you die, or you could get a Huawei, ditch Apple and buy the best GPU… It won’t get any cheaper either anytime soon, unfortunately… Would not mind 100% increase, but thats just a pipe dream, those days are gone…


Just buy one of these


That one is just the exact fatalist mentality that we all have been conditioned to be, and that will never make it happen… :expressionless:

In the meantime, the tech to go as much as 1000% performance increase, DO EXISTS…you just are convinced is a pipe dream…



I dont argue on that, however, that is not the way it works irl. The market determines the price. What is achievable to what price is a different story. There is no way manufacturers lower their prices once they know the market is willing to pay, and there’s always people that dont care if the top end product is 600 or 1000 usd. If to “blame” something, blame the crypto market for driving those prices up in the first place.
True competition is the only thing that could bring prices back down, but unfortunately for us, Nvidia has monopoly on gpus for now.


Don’t worry it is going to end soon enough, it has already started :smirk:


Nothing would please me more, but “Team Red” has clearly stated that they do not want to compete in the high end market…, so unless they manage to create a multi GPU solution that actually works I don’t see those prices budge.