RUMOR: Apple AR/VR Headset with 8K Resolution Per-eye



Anybody know the context of Luckey‘s tweet ?


Don’t be fooled by false advertising perhaps?


I wish they start considering this graphic visualization tech instead: Euclideon Holoverse, foveated rendering is just a temporary solution and is not solving the problem because you will always see the images in the headset are flat and not really 3D, polygonal graphics and all the rendering techniques we have, like bump mapping, worked well until we had to use monitors for visualization, but on VR it all changes and images look exaclty flat as they are rendered, plus, other than that, current GPU technology can not go more ahead without increasing costs and becoming out of the economic reach of most people.


I dont think pimax has anything to worry about ,they will be way more experienced in two years time and make the same thing better cheaper ,apple will of course still have the hard core brand minded consumers :dizzy_face:

but still gotta run this thing so 4k upscaled by then ay


Of course they are, they are at least one year ahead of anyone else, and almost there to launching a final product :slight_smile:


They’ll only be a few watts, i’ll be worried if it comes with a 1kw psu.


You’d say a company would learn along the way. I’m not sure if that goes for Pimax. CES was a disaster for example, repeating past mistakes. But even so, Pimax has a LOOOOONG way to go, you’re talking about a company who hasn’t even shown they can make good working wireless controllers or have mastered the art to deliver a product without dust/hairs inside the lenses or know how to solve HMD drift. Really the basics out there. And you’re comparing a trillion dollar company like Apple with extremely smart engineers, best of the field out there, with huge design teams and extreme quality control to a company like Pimax who seem to have more like 2-3 hobbyist engineers who are asking questions on internet forums to learn stuff? You sir, are going to be disappointed.

You see, that’s why I’m really happy with this news. With Apple you KNOW they’re going to deliver a great product. They’re not going to release some half baked product. With Pimax it’s a huge gamble. They actually might get it right, who knows. But I think most likely there will be quite a few problems and downsides with both the hardware and the software. I’m just hoping they’ll get the basics right this time, so correctly working IPD adjustment, correctly working controllers etc and I’d be happy.


Still I see a lot software problems here. Apple is known with own hermetic OS. I dont think that this device will allow us playing our favourit games for Windows OS. Personally I’m thinking that this device will be for profesionals, ( designers , engineers) or for movies/internet and simply games but you will never play at this HMD your favorite sims or games like Fallout and Skyrim VR But if they will decide developing AA games for VR ( with 3rd party ofcourse) than pimax dont have to worry for next 4~5 years


If they only release it within their own system, that would be a horrible choice, but I agree, it could happen.


Unfortunately, I do not even believe this is is a true uncertainty. Apple will keep it to their own OS. Not only because they ALWAYS do so, but because in this case it makes absolute sense from their point of view. Selling hardware is surely a nice business, but as you can see from the Valve / Oculus fallout, the players in the market seek to seize control of the platform. The real money lies in the approx. 30 % margin they make with every sale of software via their platform and the collection of all sorts of data about users in VR (which goes even much further than what is being collected outside of VR today) - that‘s the country of milk & honey for them, so to say. The hardware is only part of the equation, an enabler. They will not be happy to let Valve’s SteamVR grab all the profits on the gaming market. At some stage you might see the allow a bootcamp kind of indirect use of the PC software, but the performance will suffer.


Sounds all too good to be true. The problem with VR has nothing to do with the experience or resolution its the huge cost of entry. This system will require a level of hardware power far far in excess of anything apple has ever made, theres no way this will be less than 5-8K dollars


I wouldn’t wear it period.
“Ping,” your head is now hard boiled!
There is no real need for 5G and yes research shows WiFi and smartphones already give doses of radiation above what is likely safe.
Virtually every cancer is through the roof but nobody seems to care.


You obviously don’t know how weak that bandwidth is. It cant even penetrate water molecules let alone get past skin. The question is the line of sight nature of it…how could it do it without it?


Not to say than RF at 60Gighz on the head is long term safe but we can’t compare directly to microwave frequency from a oven which is 2,450 MHz. The frequencies of Gwifi are in the same range use by body scanner in airports. Penetration in the scalp is very shallow and should not affect the brain directly


To be bluntly honest i think apple are just fishing and they got nothing


Apple is only interested in delivering products that seem more ‘sexy’ than any competition has. So they want high pixel density so theirs is the smoothest. Going for the AR market which should easily be a VR screen as well, is another intelligent step for them to make. The only reason I own apple products is because I want my day-to-day used technology to look good, work smooth and above all have a simple and intuitive interface. I work in IT so an Android devic would make more sense but nope, when I use tech as a tool, I want what Apple thinks up. I’m sure they will create a headset when the time is ready and GPU’s can deliver the sexyness Apple puts forth as a minimum requirement.


It’s not me saying what I wrote here:

Its about time - world health organization and scientists conclude cell phone and wifi radiation are harmful

From Wikipedia: Water and other homogeneous liquids can superheat when heated in a microwave oven in a container with a smooth surface.
That is, the liquid reaches a temperature slightly above its normal boiling point without bubbles of vapour forming inside the liquid. The boiling process can start explosively when the liquid is disturbed, such as when the user takes hold of the container to remove it from the oven or while adding solid ingredients
such as powdered creamer or sugar. This can result in spontaneous boiling (nucleation) which may be violent enough to eject the boiling liquid from the container and cause severe scalding.


Def fishing as its all just rumours


In the industry… that’s called Vaporware. I think that’s a possibility but Apple doesn’t have a history of pushing vaporware. Just being closed proprietary and overprice … marketing juggernaut.