RUMOR: Apple AR/VR Headset with 8K Resolution Per-eye


So are we assuming its possible ,we would have to be to dismiss vaporwear


Vaporware doesn’t mean the proposed solution can’t be created. Vaporware is used as a corporate marketing tool… and many times it’s used simply to hurt a competitor. Vaporwear simply means that a company might or might not be working on a product or really not that serious about doing the product but advertising it will well in advance anyway to gauge the target audience or slow-down purchases of an existing competing product until they can release theirs. The vapor part of the word comes from the notion that the product might never be released or falls very short of the marketing promises … many times intentionally.


That is not a “more accurate description”, that is the sponsored cancer research version (pharmaceuticals financed), they will always try to hijack any research that goes against their interests, as always.

And just to clarify, I am not new to the subject, I have done my research for more than 10 years about this, trying to avoid or at least greatly limit the dangers of microwave exposure (wi-fi, high voltage power lines near homes, ELF towers, Haarp towers etc.), even using measuring equipment…and believe me…you would never love to stay for prolonget times near such things :slight_smile:

In any case, yeah we’re off-topic, I’m quitting the talk here, as anyone should investigate this subject on his own, but I suggest not to stick on any opinion about it, and research with an open mind and always look for the different views of it, then try to TEST it.


The issue is the common use and with 5G Wifi there is little escape 24/7
Body scanners are only “safe” in the way an Xray is “safe”.
You can’t say it does you damage but the operators have screen protection for a reason.
It is just accumulated radiation which can only be harmful.
If you had an Xray every day your odds of developing cancer would increase exponentially but one here and there for medical reasons would be considered “safe”.
CT scans are around 5 times worse which is why specialists only recommend them if they think they are really necessary.
It isn’t an exact science as we are all different.
Some people can smoke 40 a day all their life and never get cancer, it doesn’t mean that smoking is safe.


Do you know that apple will not have 5G smartphone in 2019 ?
Ok… This topic is boring me.
We are Pimax 8K users, a VR HEADSET FOR PC GAMING.





A bit more details


So you saying it is or it is not as you seem to just discribed vaporwere twice to my comments ,or did i miss the point.
Any how fence veiw is its to much and would take big leaps froms what we have now to be true 8k per eye wireless however its fishing state may be.


I didn’t really say either way. What I said was that Apple doesn’t have a history of doing Vaporware.

My point was… a product could absolutely be achievable but that’s irrelevant if a company actually goes the vaporware route. For example… a company could begin making public notices on a up and coming product they are working on and telling consumers it will be available but 3/4 into the process upper management decides for any number of reasons (costs, different direction, or just to hurt the competition) pulls the plug and the product never gets released disappointing the consumers. That’s vaporware. A real life example of Vaporware was when Sega back in the mid 1990’s announced with great fanfare that they would be releasing for Xmass a VR system for the Sega Genesis system. They showed the product at CES, articles in gaming magazines, etc… but with only weeks before the promised delivery… they pulled the plug.


I hope they use the Valve tracking system. IMO all VR headsets should standardize, and the first thing to standardize is the tracking.

I dislike all the different tracking methodologies of all the different headsets. It makes the consumer wary to switch and consequently reduces choice.


Ok thats were i was missing your point .yes i do see the adjender that some companies have when it comes to quieting thing down on a competitors front ,or just to be seen doing somthing they would other wise be excluded from the conversation.
Whats your opinion on the possibilatys of whats rumord to be true ,is what i was concluding ,my mistake


Me personally… like I said, Apple doesn’t have a history of vaporware so yes, I think they are moving very seriously in the VR arena and become a force to reckon with. Now that VR/AR is becoming more mainstream the ‘genie is out of the bottle’ sorta-speak… big tech companies have no choice but to invest R&D heavily in future VR technology or die on the vine!!!


Indeed Apple software wise usually makes good things. Hardware wise though usually lacking. Wasn’t until iphone 6+ that they put a 1080p screem in one of their phones.

Makes it curious this rumor. Lol

Apple is best known for overpriced hardware.


and for making their technology a “closed” universe… which I detest and the reason why I personally boycott all their products.


So we could have a new server steamed apples lol


I agree but man, Android isn’t much better nowadays, they pretty much closed up everything too. Even Google’s own Pixel, running stock android, it’s not trivial at all to try to compile it, flash it and have it boot. And Samsung is of course way way worse, tons of their binaries are just closed software, no source code available


In my experience watching companies like Apple and Microsoft, All I see them do is hire engineers and programmers to take other people’s ideas and beat them to a greater market. They aren’t innovators; they’re pirates. They buy anything that will make them look good and leave the innovators off the ship on a desert island rather. It’s the way of this world right now, corporations over individuals. If we did things in a way that helped individuals we’ll all be better off. That’s what Kickstarter is about. I’m sure that it gave Pimax a deal with the 50M investor such that it bridged Pimax to that deal. Which in the past they wouldn’t get that far. And Kickstarter is all about the early adapters, which Apple wants you to believe is only people like Jobs that can have the ideas. They’ll do everything they can to hide where the real innovation comes from under the big brand rock.


Welcome to the 21st century.

This happens more than ppl realise. One company i worked for made aerial lifts & at one time zoom booms.

They retooled the one facility to rebuilt the competition. 3 competitors they took ideas from each & combined those ideas to “create” a new design.


My cousin worked at the company that created the original areal scissor lift. Not sure but I think they shut down about 15 years ago.


Most chances Apple will use internally dev tech. steam tracker impose a bulky head set . Apple will not go this route…


I know in Canada the most common sidsor lift is SkyJack. But probably not the origin of it.