RUMOR: Apple AR/VR Headset with 8K Resolution Per-eye


How true. Need a good inside out system. Haven’t heard much on gps lately.


I wonder if hand controllers could be inside out too someday. And I don’t see why we can’t track hands and wastes too.


Hand controllers could be tracked in a variety of ways. Rf signal of sorts.

There was a neat setup saw on youtube invovling if mem serves using

Oculus headset(?) With Razer Hydra (base was attached to person waist?) Then using a kinect & psmove i think its been awhile.

But you figure if you had a vest as a base station you could track hands & feet position in relation to chest(think superman emblem) & the headset itself.


I’m way, way ahead of you.
Today’s news.


Is it though due to mobile phones or the increase in radio waves?

The Uk is always very cautious much like California knows cancer causes.

Years ago a town in the uk(long ago) convinced a school to take down their Wi-fi tower siting there is not enough research to say its safe.


It is not that there has not been enough research, it is always because big companies and behind the scene powers always hijack the true indipendent research, in the last 15 years there have been a ton of these, both by indipendent people and researchers, or university studies, and all concluded there was a clear risk.

Older people could do a simple mind reasoning test, if you think how much the cellphone tower number increased from the GSM era to current 4,5G , there are almost 10x the cellphone towers per square kilometer and, apart from the obvious data transfer speed increase, cellular reception and signal has not increased in the same way, many phones still lose signal from time to time, especially if you’re moving in a car; the real reason of this is that some of the cellphone towers band and frequencies are NOT used for cellphone communication but for other, more occult and undocumented (at least officially) purposes.

Try to go very close to a tower, you will notice that the phone reception will not increase but fall down instead, becoming totally messed up if you’re just a few meters away from the tower panels line of sight, that signal is NOT aimed at your phone transmission band.

Yeah I know…sounds like a sci-fi dystopic movie, but if you do serious research you’ll notice it is not so far from the reality :frowning:


Hi lilo you sound like you are sufforing or yhe voices are tuning into your fillings ,somtimes said over and over starts to sound like preaching,you should start a thread and gather like minded Were the discusion can be found clearly,should be interesting


Okay, you’re free to express your opinion, like anyone else, but if you had even a slight interest in the matter (that includes your own health in any case…) you should had noticed that every time I post something, there is always new information…if the subjecty doesn’t interest you this doesn’t mean it does not interests dozen of many others, and I was replying to a comment of someone, in any case…

And FYI I’m not Lilo, like in the movie Lilo and Stitch, maybe you should pay more attention on the letters you read :smiley:


You sound like a conspiracy theorist. Signal getting worse the closer you are is actually very common, if I sit 1 metre from my wifi hub I get a lower download speed than if I sit 5m away (because of the way the beam forming works it needs some distance to actually have best effect).

Phone towers are not designed so that you can sit directly beneath one to get signal, they are desigbed to work over long distances. There’s no conspiracy going on, it is just the way the devices are designed to work.


You miss the point sir ,the only people reading your posts are the ones looking at the apple vr vine not infomation or interests in health personal or not regarding 4g 5g ect, possible discusion lost in case ,nothing personal


Yeah, I got your message pretty clear, don’t worry…still…you’re the only one out of hundreds, keep in mind. My answer was directed to Heliosurge, and covered some questions he was asking himself, NOT any of yours…so… And in any case it was related in part to the headset’s wireless transmission, so it is not entirely off-topic, maybe just only off of YOUR INTERESTS, since your reply to me denoted somewhat a personal reaction :slight_smile:

I will be more careful to not go off-topics in the future.


Yer sorry thought you were open mike on the subject seemed a bit in depth ,needing its own feed ,never mind its nearly fryday


The right grammar is Friday not fryday (as there’s nothing to do with fried foods…in this case) , try not to make so many English grammar errors every time you post something, and reacting like a 13 y/o, dude…


The simple truth is that research is often colored by the researcher.

Yes tobacco companies hid the truth on health of cigarettes (though George Burns was s mutant with long life).

Have you considered that the new research is not conclusive?

Cell phones used to have a warning when they had an extendable antennae about not touching it for fear of rf burns, yet you had to touch it to extend it.

A study was released saying Beef was bad for you; the uk shortly after released a study that said the opposite.

How about all the rf fields due to all the electrinics in your home? Or off all the powerlines.


All very good questions ! You can pretty much have your answers by doing open minded research about that, my hope is that anyone with an open mind and still not having been brainwashed to think in an one way only mode, will seek for his own.

Argumentation in an intelligent, specific, technical way is productive, but when someone just trolls you, showing not to know absolutely anything about the subject, like “someone” did in this thread, is completely another matter :slight_smile:

This is material for a very specific thread, in the “general” category of the forum, let’s close it in this one here, for now, and my excuses for being off-thread, even if not so much to mind for… :slight_smile:


When i get a chance will move dan’s post & the related ones to new thread. (After all he opened the van of worms) lol


A common convention on Friday in the UK is to have fried fish exactly for that reason.

It isnt even grammar, its spelling. You also then told him “not to make so much English grammar errors” when the correct grammar would be “so many”.

People in glass houses and all that pal.


[quote=“geoffvader, post:81, topic:5909, full:true”]It isnt even grammar, its spelling.

People in glass houses and all that pal.[/quote]
My mother was an English teacher, so I know all the rules of grammar.

The correct form of your sentence is: It isn’t even grammar; it’s spelling. Pay attention to those commas and apostrophes! That’s 3 errors in 1 sentence. :slight_smile:

Ditto, regarding glass houses.


@geoffvader @neal_white_iii I’ll just say that you’re completely missing the point of my reply to him, it is just ironic that you even took the time to reply to something not directed at you personally, replying for someone else :slight_smile:

And with that, I’m out of that kiddish nonsense talk, I suggest you that if you want to reply to someone with intelligent argumentation, you need to be consistent with what you reply to…just saying “conspiracy theorist” to someone will not make you look smarter, nor proves that what someone is telling you has not some truth, it only shows you still have no clue about the subject…exactly like dustyearlobe did…


normally I’m the last person to to correct someone’s spelling or grammar because mine is awful, but when someone starts calling someone else a 13 year old and telling them their grammar is awful because of a spelling mistake

i coodnt care lesss about spelling or grama as long as the other person gets the meaning, calling someone out on there grama when yours is also awful was exactly what I was pointing out

I never claimed mine was perfect, but I also didn’t start with the baseless insults either.