RUMOR: Apple AR/VR Headset with 8K Resolution Per-eye


I couldn’t stand the irony of your reply. Like @geoffvader, I normally don’t make a point of correcting someone (since English might not be their primary language). However, I will step in if there’s a good reason, like when someone is picking on someone else’s poor usage of the English language.


Yeah micro-LED at 8k seems like it could work, especially since Apple has now bought the display R&D team/facilities.


That face shield is made by Pyramex (or something like that) the stargate like symbol is theres.


Thanks @Heliosurge will look out for it.


haha apple making a HMD :smiley: thats the worst thing i can think off.

Looking at their products since steve jobs isn’t here, there is no invention or WOW anymore, just little upgrades at a time. But you always got the apple people who will swallow anything they sell.

Anyway i’m not really waiting to buy something that is gonna make its own platform and make it closed off.
Thats what i know apple for, liking to hold all power and not sharing.

I once bought a ipod, its the first and last item i ever bought from them after i found out, i just can’t put songs at it like a normal other mp3 player, nope it had to go trough itunes :D, and oh boy if i wanna put songs on it when i’m not at my home pc :smiley: haha sic

fi they ever make one, don’t see them gonna make steamvr for example to work, they rather make their own and compete.


I do not understand why AR need 16k
Some months ago i read apple do not know if they like AR or VR
At CES they were searching industrial partners to make an headset and the time schedule was 2019, may be 2018
The apple conference is at september. It’s much time. They have money to make a prototype in 2018 and sell it in 2019
With dreams you do not make money.
In the future all is possible.


Apple is attempting to one up things. However it will be interesting to see the hardware; since Apple is known more for highly optimised software on lower spec controlled hardware profile(s).

Case in point only i believe the new iphone-X has an oled screen & might have finally got a res higher thsn 1080p.


Apple may have some success with this. They have plenty of customers who are willing to pay quite a bit extra for the Apple logo on a product.


True though it would be interesting to see sales of BridgeVR which uses the Structure sensor to put you iphone in.

Contary to one reporter its way more expensive thsn gearvr. I think something like $400? The Structure sensor without the hesdset box for the iPhone is something like $350 for the dev kit.


Some may do so for the logo, sure. But I would not trick myself into believing that that’s it, no further reason for their success than just good marketing, design, brand positioning.
When you purchase an Apple product, you (usually) get a level of refinement, ease of use, quality of design & function, which simply is well-rounded and works. With other manufacturers’ devices you may get more peak performance in some areas but often not as polished, well-working across all of its functionalities.

I never was a big fan of Apple for my own use, because as a young gamer their computers neither offered high-end gaming performance (until virtualizing Windows you wouldn’t even have access to 80-90% of the games) and were over-priced in an almost obscene manner. And their pricing uplift for greater RAM capacity remains bizarre till today. I would have liked the plug & play of the controlled environment though because I really never enjoyed the amount of tinkering the PC demanded even if you were not asking for it (“this should work but it doesn’t - let’s change the interrupt to seven, just guessing here - ah, now it works; why did they not document the interrupt correctly! Would have saved a lot of time and desperate searching…”)

However, I am using iOS devices, namely the iPhone and iPad, because they just work so smoothly. The iPad was a revelation, I got my first in June 2010 when my wife just stared at me and asked, why the hell would we need that. Well, a year later and I had to battle to drag it out of her hands, once she had noticed that she could sit down in the living room and conveniently visit all the online shopping sites…

So Apple have something to offer, don’t underestimate their value proposition.
I will be very curious about their VR/AR/MR device. At the same time it may not tick the boxes I am mainly looking for, I want high performance in a gaming environment, which means that for the time being I expect it to be PC based for high computational power (until cloud processing becomes viable for the super-short latencies required for good VR - some say the coming successor of LTE would offer that, but I want to see the stability of it in your everyday environment to be proven before I believe it, as any flaw, even if it just occurs every 2 minutes for a split-second, would be unpleasant).
Apple’s product would probably not focus on high-end gaming, so it may be something I want to have, but only in addition to the high-end PC VR device.


I don’t disagree. Apple products are (generally) well-built and have a layer of “polish” which is missing from some competing products. My wife has an iPhone and loves it, but I’m not an Apple fan, since I prefer to build my PC myself, so I can obsessively pick high-quality components and continually upgrade, so my system is never too out-of-date.


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@Jean-Mehdi; @Lillo
Hey guys, calm down, all of us here share the interest in high-end VR and it is just the impatience which makes people prickly around here. If both of you use slightly less emotional language I bet you would get along a lot better.


Believe me we tried talking nice to him already but it is absolutely useless.
Someone should step up already to spot this kind of behaviour and then people like me would not have to jump.
He is abusive, disrespectful , arrogant and more.
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if you don’t like it, you can ignore him somewhere in your settings.