Run in place in any game (vr and not vr) using a phone in your pocket



A friend just shared this with me on discord and also someone else shared it also on fb:

I am going to try it.

If meeting what promised , this is super cool!


Keep us posted.

I am wondering if/how it handles walking backwards and strafing… I’m thinking neither will be possible.


I do not think either
I will let you know


I have tried for vorpx yesterday. The software can simulate only “w” as keyboard input, and the direction of walking is decided by the headset/where we look. I tried the last tomb rider and when I was climbing the rocks I had to more sideways on the rocks and I had to click the “a” or “d” buttons on the keyboard to do those sideway movements . Also as u said, there is no backward walk.

It can be useful to use this method to walk in vorpx but I need to figure out what these limitations cause in a gameplay.

I did not try the software yet with steamvr since I would use nalo at the moment that seems more plug and play than this software, since there are already made profiles for games in nalo


NaLo is arm swinging which I’m not after plus it means you lose your use of your arms :-/


No. Nalo has now walk in place functions that I have tested on the pimax for the developer and it worked for me
You can walk in place with 2 trackers on your ankles using nalo
The beta version has it



Ah ok fair enough.

I pseudo-tried the walk-place-method using my PSVR n Skyrim and walked in place whenever I pushed forward in game… its… ok… it definitely gets rid of my equilibrium/balance problem when walking forward and backwards seems ok too, still there to a degree when side stepping though and the prob is if I did use an actual walk-in-place system would be that I would have to stand still when I side step or walk backwards in game so neither really wins for me.

Looks like the Kat Mini is for me, even without leaning backwards.

Cheers for ya help man! :slight_smile:


what do use to walk in place in psvr?


I pseudo-did it. Just played with a dual shock as normal but whenever I walked in game I walked in place irl :slight_smile:


I love this totally worth the 3 € it costs!!


are u using it for steamvr games or vorpx games ?


I play Skyrim VR with this and I absolutly love it… No disconnect between “walking” and ingame movement anymore


Have you tried nalo?

I am curios which one you prefer.

Also do you use 2 phones or just 1 phone ?


I like pocket strafe more because it feels better and more natural, though I still have to play with sensitivity and smoothing to get a better result.

Maybe a second smartphone can help. Need to hijack my wife’s phone and try out.