Ryzen 3000 Leak - HOLY CRAP!


If this is true, and he makes a compelling argument then AMD will dominate Intel to the point of nobody wanting Intel unless they give their chips away.


@Heliosurge. Looks like I’ll be joining team red… :wink:

R7 3700X or R9 3850X (instead of going for an i9-9900K)… :+1::upside_down_face:



the first amd CPU comes on place 93 … 92 Intel CPUs are better and no AMD can beat it…


And this is nothing, because they already are testing their next gen stuff, including the next gen gfx chip targeted at Sony’s PS5 , but there is already a working discrete version aimed at the Pc , and some tech insiders already have engineering samples; all I can say is…it’s already doing wonders, they have already won the price/performance ratio, and power consumption battle against Nvidia, but the next architecture, and Zen 3 will definitely put both Nvidia and Intel in trouble…wait and see :wink:


Excuse my ignorance but is this the “Zen2” that serenity has been talking about? (In my 9900k thread).

Edit: I see the big Zen2 graphic in the video so yeah it looks like it. Whatever language that is sounds similar to English so I was able to watch it. Interesting stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t see Zen2 3000 series in your chart. Also not overly accurate.


Yes, exactly that.

The Chiplet and I/O combo is kind of a unknown performer in terms of latency. There are some reasons why the latency might get better when compared to today’s Ryzen even though the CPU chiplets and I/O will be different dies.

Guesstimates is in sum it is not too bad and will be covered up by bigger cache. So chances are the rumored 3700x will outperform a 9900k, even a 3600x might do so.

And btw for VR you really are looking for a minimum latency for a given task on CPU+GPU in order to push the frames faster than 90hz. It is completely irrelevant what the CPU+GPU combo is capable of in 1080p, usually CPUs with too few cores struggle on higher res demand in VR.

The nice thing about the I/O is that even in case AMD needs to swap to a new socket some time in future a new GPU and CPU chiplet will just need an old or custom made I/O chip to create a CPU that is compatible with current AM4 mainboards and DDR4.
So there is hope beyond 2020 to see new CPUs for this gen socket as long as the power envelope is there.


You missed the point of the post, completely.


He even missed that it’s Zen 2 3000 series not in his cart at all. Lol