Samsung Odyssey+ Discussion. Review - Through the lens comparison

Awesome… Glad that worked for ya man! And yes… Using the top strap and adding a slightly thicker padding will most likely solve the nose issues! I do have to say that @Davobkk’s top strap looks like it will be a quality addition to the O+ mods… I just went the Rift S top strap route because it worked for that headset well… I never thought about making a wider strap to go from side to side vs font to back! Lemme know how it works for you. []-)

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Yeah I have a feeling they are working on a few different things! [;]-)


Will do and thanks for the velcro mod info as well.

It looks like Studioform Creative VR is having a Black Friday sale on the Comfort Straps.


You Americans should just call ot Black November… Bloddy madness :grinning:


LOL Yea!! “Black Friday” that last for 2 weeks and then we have “Cyber Monday” as well. Its a money grab for sure!


Yeah…and the funny thing is that you don’t even really get the best deals on things here on Black Friday or Cyber Monday! I was in retail management for almost 15 years and I can tell ya that it is for sure a cash grab to bring up the stores sales totals to close out November when some companies fiscal years are coming to a close. The best deals are always in the 2 week lead up to Christmas and then shortly after to dump stock that didn’t sell well.



Very impressive I did not know this was a thing, wish I still had mine.
I redid the top head foam with a cooling memory foam and custom sewed it. Made a world of difference as I could play for hours on end. As it turns out the piece in front of the forehead is not level. Instead one part juts out so it puts extra pressure on your forehead in that area. Made my head go numb around that part after 2hrs of play. Whoever made that decision needs to be fired. They should have gone the PSVR route with a larger forehead area and a level design to even out the force distribution across the head.

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Thanks… I couldn’t agree more with everything you said… Out of the Box the O+ is horribly uncomfortable for most people! Admittedly mine has been collecting dust for some time now… I’m actually about to either put it up for sale of find someone who would be willing to trade for a set of Index controllers because I absolutely can’t stand the Vive wands and really don’t want to use them with my 8K+ when it arrives

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Now would be a good time to let it go. A lot of folks trying to pick up used VR gear to get primed for HL:A

I did like the O+ quite a bit and with the comfort mods it became my go to since the VIVE had too much SDE for me. But since I got the Index controllers I had to constantly re-jigger the whole system just to have correct hand position relative to the Odyssey. Since I use VR a ton that was a no go for me. So I got the VIVE Pro and that will tide me over until the wireless solutions for either Pimax or another high FOV headsets get here.
I just cannot go back to the wire.

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In general, such matters, here Odyssey + came to me at last)
I already quickly tested it and I can say that I am amazed at the picture :star_struck:
It’s just awesome when there is no SDE :beers:

In general, for $ 229 - this is a top-end headset, and even for $ 400 it will be very good in my opinion, because SDE is not really visible, and FOV is not bad.

Yes, in the distance, not everything is as clear as on the same Lenovo, for example, but SDE is not visible. Eyes get used quickly to less high definition, although initially it seemed that not everything was going smoothly, but I clocked the SS at 200% and generally normal.
At close and medium distances, in general, everything is perfectly visible, just a pleasure for the eyes.

In car simulators, too, everything is not bad, no SDE is on the horizon, but a little more murky, of course. But this is much better than SDE, because eyes get used to it quickly.
I haven’t tried to watch 3D yet, but turned on the video in the portal - just fine, no mesh.

In short, Samsung managed to surprise me.
Odyssey + with hands you need to tear off for $ 229 :grin:

Now I can calmly wait for 8KX …

A few photos through Lens:



Yes, good Odyssey+, very good …
The picture is bright, juicy. Near and medium plans I have never seen better.
Long distances are a bit narrower in jaggies and not very clear, of course, but without SDE, the overall impression is very positive, it pleased me.

Now I tried 3D movies in Simple VR player, with SVP (90fps) - excellent)
Only clarity was a little lacking at first, so there is a function in the settings - “Super Enchance”, which increases the clarity programmatically and everything became clear.

Yes, I didn’t expect, to be honest, I was preparing for a fuzzy picture, but here everything is really good.

Regarding SDE, it is really necessary to look for it there persistently, and it will still be difficult to find. On some monophonic backgrounds, sometimes I notice a little slanting Pentile stripes, but they are so small that it makes no sense to talk about them. In the same Pimax 4K it is much easier to notice SDE than in O +. And that’s great! :beer:


I think the Samsung Odyssey + is the best bang for your buck on the market at this time.


I wonder how Odyssey+ would compare with Quest as this would be my best for the buck candidate.


I wonder if 8KX/8K+ have less SDE than Odyssey+.

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OD+ is much much better in terms of SDE compared to the Quest, also resolution and refreshrate.
Quest can be used wireless and has better controllers + a tad better (wider angle) tracking.
In terms of visuals the OD+ wins hands down.


I have the 8k and the O+, to me the sde is about the same between the two except that O+'s sde takes on the color of the adjacent pixels where the 8k’s of cause is black.

Since the 8k+ and the 8kx both have a better panel than the 8k I’d expect the sde to be better and by extent better than the O+.

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I have both as well. Either your 8k is much better than mine or your OD+ much worse.
It‘s night and day in terms of SDE and colors

Well I can only talk about what I can see and to me there’s not a huge difference. It would be interesting to compare both our sets irl.

There’s probably significant variation in the quality of the 8k though and at least more than the what we’d expect with the O+.

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Well that’s a tough call… It really boils down to what is most important to you in an HMD. With the o+ you are getting one of the absolute best looking in HMD images out there currently. The anti SDE tech is no joke and works really well and the colors on those Samsung OLED screen just pop! You are however getting a 2 camera inside out tracking solution based on Windows MR and some pretty clunky controllers although they are still the best of all the WMR headsets.

With the Quest your getting the best of both worlds in the fact that it is an amazing mobile VR experience and now can be connected to the PC for about a 90% comparable experience to the Rift S…Basically the visuals are slightly downgraded. This could all change next year when Oculus releases their fiber optic USC-C solution though. The Quest has a really good screen resolution but sadly still suffers from SDE.

I think the most amazing feature of the quest though is the ability to use it outdoors in a large space when the lighting conditions are just right… I call this the “Questing Hour” Basically in the evening around dusk you can take it out to a large park or field and just walk in VR with no boundaries… It is an absolutely mind blowing experience and really triggers something in the brain that makes you feel like you have finally stepped onto the Holo-deck!

IMHO I would go with the Quest… basically you are getting the best in class mobile now combined with a very worthy PCVR headset that is only gonna get better with time… The Oculus software is top notch and they are even gonna have native freaking hand tracking next year on it so for me it would be a no brainier between the two but that’s obviously the opinion of someone who was up until recently constantly accused of being an Oculus fanboy… That is before I got my 5K+ now it’s starting to be the other way… LOL [;]-)


I think you just have different terminology. Most people consider SDE the black area between [sub]pixels. But BNP considers the area as SDE even if it is not black. In that case there should be no difference between O and O+ and O is probably similar to 8k.