Samsung Odyssey+ Discussion. Review - Through the lens comparison



Ahh I see got it thanks


Oh wow, I just tried changing the render target scale in the WMR settings as suggested here and it really improved the clarity on the OD+. I was skeptical at first, because I thought it would just be multiplying the SteamVR supersampling setting, but it must be doing something else, because it improved the clarity without slowing the framerate much if at all. I need to do some more testing but I just tried Batman Arkham VR and it looked amazing and ran very smoothly even with the rendertargetscale set to 2.0, SteamVR supersampling set to 200% and the fixed foveated options set to 30% for outer and 220% for inner resolution in the game itself. I also tried the ROV FOV and resolution test and I can (barely) read two down from what they say is Vive Pro resolution, which is exactly what I can do with the Pimax 5K+. It really seems to be close to 5K+ clarity now but with the improved SDE, which looks amazing.


I wish Pimax would allow us to set a fixed foveated options like that!


Well you can with the Pimax too… in Batman. But yeah it would be nice to have a driver level global setting


@sjefdeklerk can you try this? Also Evertec are you running a 1080 ti?


Yes, I’m running a 1080ti


I start enjoying the OD+ for games as well. Now with my 10m extension cable my playspace is even bigger than with my vive.
No for real. In terms of resolution it’s only a little step up from my vive but noticablish and without a considerable impact on performance, OLED is the best, period. And the anti-SDE is a huge step in development and a game changer.
But again, I think SDE is most annoying in movies (or slow games) so this is by far the best HMD for movies. Without having checked Pimax myself for now though, but despite the FOV fun I think that the OD+ Anti SDE is miles ahead, especially after applying tweaks and simple mods. Again…For movies. So I’ll sell my vive and keep the OD+. With the 5k+ coming hopefully in january, both HMDs will cover almost everything.


Pardon my curiosity.
Why watch movie on a hmd?
I mean 4k TVs are so cheap now adays, and no hmd of today can hold a candle to a real TV in terms of resolution, color, comfort etc.

Or the movie as in VR porn?..


For me it’s about screen size. I watch movies on a projector on 110" screen. I’m used to having a large display. VR Headsets are the only type of displays that can emulate a big giant screen like the size of a movie theater, but without the hassle of a projector. If I tried to buy a 110" 4K TV, it would cost over $100,000 easily :smile:


From all the VR headsets I’ve tried nothing compares to a good projector. Have you seen the benq W1700 4Kprojector? It’s one of the cheapst DLP projectors and the picture is awesone. VR resolution has a long way to go before its comparable


Are you using steam vr or steam vr beta? I’ve changed both files but I don’t see huge difference


The Benq W1700 is not a native 4K projector, it’s just native FUll-HD with a method to double the pixels on each micro-mirror, but I agree the quality is reasonably good, except that it suffers from some flicker on some type of scenes.


I have the Xiaomi UST Laser Projector, it’s 1080p, and it also accept 4k and HDR signals and it feels much better especially with HDR, and it has internal SS too, I’m getting better image with this than with my old JVC DLA-X35, very impressed with this pj. waiting for a true 4K UST pj


As said above, screen size. I watch on projector, and while TV in general has better picture (unless expensive projector, screen and pitch black room), the bigger screen makes it a lot more immersive and for me it is better experience compared to higher quality image but on smaller screen. You can achieve same angular size if you watch TV from close, but it is not the same, your brain knows that the objects are close and thus small.


Where did you set fixed foveated rendering?


regular steamvr, non beta


It’s in the graphics settings in Batman Arkham VR


I wonder now if it only makes a difference in the steamvr home and dashboard. The rov test is within that environment. I tried Batman to see if there was a performance difference but it already looked good before so I don’t know if it actually changed any. I’ll definitely have to try more later


Holy cow !!! Set the “renderTargetScale” to 2.0 in vrsetting file, then SS 200% in SteamVR , it’s HUGE !!! Like day and night difference !! Assetto Corsa never looked so crisp and detailed !!.. And the renderer even keeps in the green safe zone at barely 7,8 ms latency/90Hz !!!

Now my Explorer looks almost like Pimax 4K quality, probably even better, just wondering how will it look on the Od+ 1600 vertical resolution…WOW !

Thanks evertec ! Will try other titles as soon as I have some time.

P.S.- I used some 140-150 SS setting in steamVR in the past, but it looks like it doesn’t work the same way, doubling the rendertarget + 200 SS makes things totally different, it seems…and with just minor or no impact at all, so you have to set both to see the real difference, I think…


have same settings here on my lenovo, the 200% is also important, my pc automaticly did that based on the system specs, very crisp indeed :heart_eyes: