Samsung Odyssey+ Discussion. Review - Through the lens comparison



Agreed… I found this video to be for me anyway… amusing… on the OD+

This guy is the Asian Mark Wahlberg


10m of amazing freedom, I’ll update on the parts I’ve used as soon as I extend the DC adaptor as well, got the cable already, I prefer to have it on the other side of the cable. But it already works and was absolutely worth the hustle, now I can use the full room and connect in the middle which makes it less of a drag to carry the cable.


There are more reasons like the obvious ones.
I absouty hate normal 3d TVS and I have no place for a 3d beamer. (My walls are covered with guitars) Life of Pi or Judge Dredd for example are amazing on SDE free HMD.


Introducing the GTX 2020… now capable of running your HMD at the lifelike resolution of 400x300 (shared by both eyes) at the blazing fast speed of 30 fps. :laughing:

PS. I do realize he is referring to the year 2020 (added for people who don’t get jokes)


Square type… and BIG


Are 3D movies much better on the O+ ? More depth than tv?


I feel that it’s a night and day difference. Ok 3d movies are not as immersive as VR movies (there are many good ones out there, not necessarily only adult ones, especially great ones for kids that I enjoy as well, especially when I had a Christmas-brownie) but at least using a VR headset you can expand the viewing range. Usually everybody can see the room around his tv


I’ll be sure to try out Avatar 3D on the Odyssey+


So with that 2.0 setting I’ve done some more comparisons. Luckily it’s very easy to switch between the HMD’s, only thing is that you manually need to stop/start the pistarterservice (you don’t even have to reboot). Everything gets recognized again including different SteamVR roomscale settings for each HMD (since the O+ cable is shorter I need different setups)

The 5k+ is still quite a bit sharper in the distance, that’s for sure. But man, objects that are very nearby look incredible on the O+, in fact, I ran that “nature treks” demo, green meadows and had this moose standing in front of me and I really had this funny feeling that it was there. This never happened to me with any other HMD. I mean you know it’s VR but still, it feels real. This obviously is what VR should be like! I mean I even smelled the moose (the smell popped into my mind), LOL, not the best smell haha but man, that’s quite awesome. Never happened to me on any other HMD, at least not like this.

Now if you ask me which HMD I prefer, man that’s like asking if you prefer to have only arms or only legs. We need a single HMD to incorporate all this tech :slight_smile:


You didn’t talk much about the colors/contrast/brightness of the OD+ vs the 5K+. any comments?


Well the o+ with its oled panels are of course better. But honestly the 5k+ is quite good there in my opinion, in most games it doesn’t bother me at all


Smell of moose? don’t give pimax ideas!! :wink:


My Odyssey plus arrived today. I am still downloading WMR software at the moment so no real testing. BUT I did put it on my face. At first it pressed my glasses so hard I thought it would not work for me, but after some fiddling I found I was just wearing it wrong. If you make sure the forehead cushion is actually pressing against the forehead then it fits well and comfortable for me, even with my very very large frame glasses… more comfortable than my vive for sure. Ill report more on the headset once I have had a chance to use it more.


Wasn’t the guy here who was promoting their smellybox add-on device. :grin: PM_Sean gave him his email address…


Looking forward to your impressions! It’s a bit of a struggle to get everything right, I posted some things above like making sure you’ve installed all windows updates and get the light in your room right (shouldn’t be too dark).


Okay I played some SPT, and Arizona Sunshine. Def. the best headset I have ever had.

Display: COLORS - Crisp and very bright whites with very dark and immersive black levels.
SDE : Simply gone, I could not see it even when getting very very close to bright objects.

Headset : Comfort - Very comfortable if I put it on correctly, but uncomfortable if I put it on incorrectly. Once I realized the correct way it is very easy to get on and off, also if I put it on correctly, the sweet spot just works and there is not fiddling about trying to find it. Much more comfortable with my large glasses than the Vive.

Headset: Sound - comparable to the Vive delux audio strap in quality.

Headset Cons: - yes some light bleed and if I look down with my eyes I can see a gap in the nose guard to the outside world. when in a game this was not a problem as I dont naturally force my eyes to look down at my nose. The light bleed not a big deal and something I can correct later if I choose.

Controllers : great! You can loose tracking over your head if you look straight and put your hands up high seems the cameras are angled to see better down than up… and this works well I can hold my hands at my sides without loosing tracking , and I can put them all the way out stretched to my sides and keep tracking too. I was going to set up vive wands with this but now I do not think it is needed. I love the joystick and track pad combo.

Overall, I have decided this will be my next headset until Pimax gets its house in order and has the 5k+ available in retail outlets such as Amazon . I will be donating my Vive and all of its accessories to my local school for its VR program.

Hope this helps someone.


@sjefdeklerk I have both connected simultaneously too. How are you stopping WMR from starting up and the Ody+ showing again in steamvr? I seem to have to tell that to shutdown again and get steamvr launched a couple of times for it to pick up the pimax instead?


I just got my OD+ yesterday and found that it was prioritizing the Rift over the OD+. My solution was to just unplug the Rift headset. A mild nuisance but probably the easiest/least error prone solution.


I currently just unplug/plug the HMD’s, haven tried yet to have them both plugged in at the same time. I think it would work if you’d just close WMR down indeed?


I think steamvr can end up starting wmr up again and turning the ody+ back on, I need to find a way to prevent that.