Samsung Odyssey+ Discussion. Review - Through the lens comparison



I found three ways to wear the headset with varying levels of compromise between comfort and visuals (images are exaggerated).

  1. Best visuals, least comfortable

  2. OK visuals, comfortable

  3. OK visuals, comfortable

I already ordered some replacement foam before I posted this. I haven’t received it yet but another forum user recommended them after trying with their OD+.


I have a feeling that is the main reason they used such obnoxiously thick foam.


You may be waiting a long time. Also, I don’t think Pimax would want to go with Amazon because their return policy is so lax.

EDIT: Also, the IPD only goes down to 63mm and mine is 61.2

Glasses too close to lenses

But they are on AMazon:


Hello all. I CORRECTED the Odyssey+ to create the most comfortable HMD in the market. Truth me.

I switch the foam with the VR Cover Odyssey. This omit the uncomfortable pad.

Then I use the head trap at max, as you said, but the lenses are far away. But using velcro I force it to be near my face, like Reddit mods.

Now is the most comfortable HMD that I tried, and I tried all :smile:


Share a photo of your mod please



It’s not my photo but it’s the same hehe

Here is the Reddit that I found now, who has the same idea hehe.

Author used VR Cover like me.


I’ve managed to get one method working at least to have the Pimax and Ody+ connected simultaneously and switch via software rather than pulling cables.

The problem is whenever I run steamvr it launches WMR and turns on and detects the Ody+.

I found I can disable the Samsung WMR device in device manager and stop this. So went looking for command line methods on that. Am aware of a devcon.exe util from ms, but a bit of a faff to get it installing WDK and other bits.

So found a powershell command to do it:

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-PnpDevice -FriendlyName “Samsung Windows Mixed Reality 800ZBA” | Enable-PnpDevice -confirm:$false


PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-PnpDevice -FriendlyName “Samsung Windows Mixed Reality 800ZBA” | disable-PnpDevice -confirm:$false


Just put them into shortcuts now (needs run as admin). I’ll also set a shortcut to disable the pimax service. So will see how that goes over time.


Great first impressions. I usually think that especially this headset needs some routine to like it, great to hear you even like it out of the box. I really like the OD+ more and more but even when managing to get the headphones right over my ears I must say the sound is ok but not close to the DAS sound. When listening to vr concerts I’d wish they would sound better or i could use my own headphones. But it’s just whining on a high level. The pimax headphones will be better though.


any chance to add some photos?
I read the description but honestly I don’t get it. Photos will help :slight_smile:

found some more, did not figure I could scroll down


My understanding on Amazon is that the manuf. does not pay for returns. Amazon puts them in return pallets and auctions the pallets of misc items off. I also think if you get too many returns in a certain period amazon may remove you from the store. Something like that


You are pretty much mirroring what I said in my review (as expected). However, I wonder how you would feel if you owned an 8K instead of the 5K+. Maybe the 8K is similar/closer to the O+? Anyone here owns both to compare?


Yes I did (sold the 8k though). The 8k had similar clarity to the od+ and of course wider fov but still had worse colors and blacks (better than the 5k though) and framerate, especially because pimax doesn’t have motion smoothing reprojection yet.


@yen just wondering if an additional strap (V-form) on top of the head would also distribute the weight better?


I am not sure about all the specifics but they do auction off the returns. When I said they were lax about the returns I was referring to how they basically don’t check the stuff that gets returned. You will frequently find that items returned to Amazon (especially expensive tech) are either:

  1. The customer’s old broken product (aka they ordered a replacement, give back their broken one, and get a refund).

  2. A cheaper product (aka they order a $300 motherboard, return a $50 motherboard, and get a $300 refund).



Amazon sold the 4k , and they have a pre listing for the 5k+ , so im pretty sure they will carry it at some point :slight_smile:


Very interesting. This makes me think the 8K was a bust seeing as how they don’t have that on Amazon. I think they believe the 5K+ was the Most Viable Product


It can all be done on current tech, but developers would have to adopt everything in the toolbox like foveated rendering (even if fixed), SMP, space warp etc. So it’s a toss up between the panels not being available at an affordable price vs developers not making use of tech that is out there which can dramatically accelerate performance on existing GPUs.


Hah, I was the one that created the listing on amazon for the 5k+ back when I was selling my extras. Doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not pimax will sell them on amazon in the future or if they’ll only sell the 5k and not the 8k.


What steam software to watch movies on the Oddesey? :slight_smile:


After using it a couple weeks, your pictures are smack on the money. I’ve been opting for comfort over sharpest graphics and more sweet spot, really cranking the back of that strap down on the back of my head. Definitely going to try a different pad though.

Comfort is an issue to balance with the visuals, but overall the Odyssey+ is so good in most ways that it’s totally worth dealing with the bad ergonomics.


Ah lol. Gotcha. I will be surprised if they sell the 8K though. I think the company as a whole seems disappointed in it