Samsung Odyssey+ Discussion. Review - Through the lens comparison



wait… you are saying you listed this ?

says pimax listed it, and if you click on the pimax user it has the 4k and other pimax products


Yep, that’s the one I listed. That’s just an automatic association based on the brand name. I listed it with the pimax brand name so it associated with the other pimax products.


I just got the replacement foam in today and I can say that it is a HUGE improvement. I also realized that you can probably just remove the old foam without replacing it, although you would have to deal with more light bleed on the sides. The new foam fits with no issues since it is flexible.

The biggest issue is that your eyes will be VERY close to the lenses (aka you should expect to get oil on the lenses from your eyelashes, don’t even think about wearing glasses).



Here a chart that I made quite a while ago, check my comprehensive vr player thread for more Info (there are no new players so I didn’t update)
But I can update that I find whirligig best for normal 2d movies since it got a feature to curve the picture verticaly and horizontaly which makes you see more at the same time without moving your head.


Good to know, I don’t wear glasses so that won’t be an issue, but i often find I hit the lenses with my forehead when I’m putting on and taking off the HMD. I really wish it had the explorer style flip up connector to the headband, so you could see the real world of swap to your computer screen as needed more easily.

I bought two 3m extension cables for it, both amazon basics - a USB 3.0 and a HDMI cable. The HDMI cable is working great, but the sound does wierd stuff with the extension cable, and the tracking is significantly worse. I’m going to try a more expensive USB 3.0 cable next, since I’ll also eventually need that for the pimax.

Anyone found a not outrageously priced source of quality cable lanyards to hook up cables to the ceiling? I find as soon as you throw in the word VR, prices go a bit nuts. Something between the 5-dollar-apiece VR SPECIFIC ONES and the probably utterly crap 80c APIECE ONES? There’s got to be some decent quality ones for a couple bucks a piece out there, but there’s soooo many flavours, it’s impossible to chose based on photos, so I’m hoping someone has actually ordered and been happy with a set.


So the foams for HTC Vive fit on the Od+ too ?


Yeah, they fit well enough. Sure light will leak in but that happens with the original foam too


I’ve been checking a few and figured that you can’t go wrong with “Roline”. Better go for an active one even if you are just planning for 3m. As I already reported it works flawless in my case with 10m and a friend has no issues with 15m. It is available on pretty much any countries amazon. Can’t help with the lanyards though…good luck


Got my Odyssey+ , my first quick (2 days use) impressions:

  • Build quality looks decent, the hearphones have a too limited movement excursion and it’s not always comfortable to find the right position over your ears, and at least for me…they feel very annoying, sound quality is sufficient, I expected something better from a pair of AKG, good quality gaming headphones are way better.

  • Comfort of use, more than sufficient, my head is not exactly the right shape this headset has been built for, it’s somewhat hard to find the right way to put the headset on, but once you do, it is acceptable…the standard foam both around the lens and on the head rest is damn hard and exercises much pressure on the long use, leaving a sign on the forehead , I really missed the lift-up feature in the Lenovo Explorer, it was so handy…
    The nose hole is one of the most large I have tried to date, and people with no small nose like myself will find it comfortable and with no pressure on the nose at all, there is some light leakage on the lower side of the headset, but in general it is not very bothersome.

  • Lens: this is probably the worst negative side of the headset, the lens are some of the worst I have experienced in a VR headset, concentric circles of the fresnel are often visible and it makes a lot of god rays, even in illuminated scenes, finding the correct sweet spot for you and fiddling with the IPD wheel will help to some extent, but anyway these lens are close to shitty ones, even the low quality Lenovo lens were better than the ones used here…

  • Panel: This is where this headset really shines, the image is simply the best I have ever experienced with both LCD and Oled past models owned, strangely enough the image in the Windows Mixed reality portal was a little more grainy and aliased than the one I was used to with the Lenovo (that was perfectly crisp even looking at the virtual desktop window reading the small text under icons), setting quality to “Very high” made no diference, I will probably need to play around with the hidden settings…colors are bright and vivid, black is as expected from an Oled panel.
    SDE: Virtually non-existant, gone ! have to try and look really hard to barely perceive it, and only with the more light and luminous scenes.
    FOV: Finally !! This was for me the widest one I had, it really is making a noticeable difference in racing games and simulations in general, I also noticed that I can play a little with the IPD wheel and set it a little higher than my optometrist measured IPD, to make the FOV even bigger, without adding any distortion, interesting…will get a low thickness foam later, to have closer eyes and even bigger FOV.

  • Ease of use: Since I had used a Lenovo Explorer until a couple of days ago, installation was totally plug and play and hassle free, just had to clear a couple of Lenovo drivers from the device manager to be sure the right profiles were loaded and used, and make things clean, moving the IPD wheel while in a game or application will pop-up a graphical panel showing you the measured distance, very handy but not much precise in general.

Final thoughts: apart from the obvious comfort problems of this headset, and the very much missed flip-up feature of the Lenovo, it is generally a discretely good headset, I would redesign the headphones to move more freely, especially in regard to a backward position, as they are very annoying and feel itchy, to the point that I wanted to remove these completely, since the sound is not that great anyway…most non Asian people will probably prefer to remove the standard, very hard foam, for a softer, less thick one for better comfort and bigger FOV. All in all, the Oled panel quality and absence of SDE will be enough to make many people to enjoy this headset, until a wider FOV VR (and hopefully better designed for comfort) solution reachs the market.

UPDATE: With ROV_Test , measured FOV was approximately 106’ Horizontal and 80’ Vertical.


Haven’t used original oddesey in months… Used today with that text edit everyone is talking about from 1.0 to 2.0

The sweet spot is like 70% better now and looks great… I did Velcro the front to back though as well and use smaller foam.

Only issue is the crap tangling of the cable


Well they’re certainly not the best lenses out there, but I’d take them over the Vive lenses any day. Godray’s on the Vive are way worse.

Other than that agreed to your points, anti SDE is nice eh, especially when you look at objects really nearby, in front of you, they look pretty real.


As soon you try a better facepad, also in a way blocking the light leakage you’ll worry far less about those.


Not sure about this, I certainly hope so…tried to use it in a completely darkened room, and it was not about the light leakage, it’s the fresnel that seems to capture the bright lights coming from the scene and diffusing it quite badly, maybe it’s just an individual sensitivity, but I frequently see this light from the panel sticking in the middle concentric circles of the lens, quite annoying because it destroys immersion.

@sjefdeklerk Probably because I never owned a Vive or Rift CV1, just tested these here and there, in VR stands and tech expos, but as far as I remember, they hadn’t the sort of strange effect the Od+ is giving me, as far as I remember old headsets I had, including Oculus DK2 , Deepon, Pimax 4K all had better lens… (except that the 4K had a focus problem but at least lens were very clear).

Anyone else noticed a strange, slightly perceived effect on the Od+ like a thin opaque veil is over your view ?


Yes, it’s what many refer to softness and it gets almost completely eliminated when adding contrast and a tiny tad of sharpness. You can test it using E.g. DEO player. I will try to tinker with rvtuner as recommended by some in order to achieve a profile without the need to do it via app each time. Not sure though how far I’ll get.


Oh, I refer to this as mura.


These lenses are not like the others, these are reflecting the glare from outside to inside, if you watch a movie try a very dark environment, you will have zero good rays


Wow i got only 95’ horizontal…


I can get 110 but Have to wear the hmd just right AND have a custom strap that pulls the lower half toward the face… for me , when it is worn comfortably. The bottom half was pulled away from the face some because the tension is on the back of the head and upper forehead… a custom strap helped pull the loose headset back down and stay comfortable and now I get 110 - 111 somewhere in there.


Thanks for the info, Roline is not very shipping friendly to Canada, but a fully powered extender will be my last resort. Still, a couple of things I learned this past week:

Larnyards/ceiling retactors:
I figured I was spending lots setting up anyways, and I’ve seen some setups using 3-4 $30 dog leash retractor devices, so I bought the more expensive “VR” ceiling lanyards. Glad I did, the pictures don’t show it, but they aren’t badge sized lanyards, each one is about 1.5 inches around. The cables are nice steel, with loops and spacers installed. The ceiling sticky stuff is good, so far holding fine, they again are larger than the picture makes you think. I ended up only needing 3 (because of a channel getting my extensions most of the way). The carbiners are cheap and thin, but fine for cablework. Worthwhile purchase.

Comfort and view
Best option, foam replacement. I’m trying a few out, both cloth and faux leather. If you make the front foam slightly thinner, and get the headset just a couple mms closer, you increase the sweet spot and FoV nicely… but the lenses will get dirty fast (eyelashes and putting it on and off) and comfort does suffer slightly.

Extension Cables
YMMV when it comes to extensions . All four of the different 3m (10 ft) un-powered extension cables I tried resulted in failure. The headset worked, but you get occasional screeching audio, and volume jumps. It was unusable. There are a few success stories out there in the 3m range, and lots in the 2m (6ft) range, but you probably need to get really lucky both a quality make/brand, and a particularly well made one.
Next I’m trying the powered active cables… where they amplify using the USB’s power. I have a powered USB card for VR in my computer, so hopefully it gives enough juice. I’ve got a 10 ft active one on order now, and I’ll let you know how it does. If that fails, I’ll try a fully powered 5m (they only seem to come longer for powered) cable, but those take a big jump up in price.


I tried everything, and finally I found that using a usb hub powered in middle of the cables, it works without audio failures. With 10ft (3 meters) active usb.