Samsung Odyssey+ Discussion. Review - Through the lens comparison



USB 3 spec says 16 ft is the maximum without a repeater, and the Odyssey has 12 ft cables… so 3 foot (15 total) ones generally work, most 6 (18) ft work, but once you hit 10 (22) un-powered, they generally fail.

The interesting thing will be that USB-powered repeater may work, as it’ll be 15 ft, repeater, then 12 ft of odyssey cable, but it also may draw too much power to allow the headset to function well. Good reviews on the one I bought though, people use it with the rift and the rift sensors. Getting the USB-powered repeaters is both much cheaper, and more convenient (no need to have another outlet, transformer, 5v line to the box) than a fully powered USB extender. When it comes to USB powered hubs, they’re also hit or miss. I have a really nice 10 port powered Anker 3.0 hub, but WMR dislikes it greatly for some reason.


Which hub are you using?


Yeah ! That’s it, mura…it’s quite pronounced here, never seen this so bad on other headsets.


Try to play with the position on your head a lillte more, I generally insert the front first, make sure the the foam is adhering in the best possible way, then lower the ring on the back; then try to use a higher value with the IPD wheel than your measured one, you could end up seeing no distortion at higher values and having a wider FOV at the edges.

Head shape could be the primary factor, tough…alternatively you can try a thinner foam.


Amazon Powerer Hub hehe


I freaking love the idea of the velcro mod, so I did one for me as well. I “pimped” it with some fleecy tape inside of the strap in order not to scratch the device with the rough velcro material and not get my hair pulled :slight_smile:


AND HURRAY…after many hit and miss components giving me a hard time I finaly got my 10m extension project done successfuly :slight_smile:

  1. PCIe card USB 3.1 for enough juice to start with.
  2. 5v powered (mid/end) active USB3 10m cable.
    Extended the dc cable to 10m as well in order to plug it conveniantly at PC side
  3. 10m HDMI cable + HDMI repeater

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So what do you guys who own both pimax 5k/8k and the O+ prefer now? I can say that the O+ now has become my ‘to go’ HMD. The anti SDE just is so impressive. I just tried that new SteamVR room that RoadToVr wrote about: and man it looks just so wonderful on the O+ ! Really love this HMD, if I could only keep 1 HMD it would be the O+


I have a Vive Pro, O+ and a 5K+. Only 1 day with the 5K+ so far. The O+ anti-sde is quite cool IMHO but man the low FOV and the actual res could be better. I’m debating which is better for movie watching, the O+ or the 5K+. The 5K+ is perhaps 10-20% higher res and with the FoV I can expand the outer edges of the movie to a much more natural position. I can’t see how anyone would prefer a game on an O+.

However, with the O+ SDE is nearly impossible to see. I find now I have zero use for my Vive Pro it’s literally worse in all tangible ways. So movies, maybe.


The FOV of the O+ is the killer… but I’ve tried a handful of games and to me… unless there is a defect in the 5K+ I received I can’t say I would play all the games I tried with the 5K+. However, besides the FOV, the clarity of the 5K+ for seeing things in the distance is much better than the O+. One game though I thought look unbelievably GREAT in the 5K+ over the O+ … because of the FOV and clarity was Subnautica.


For sure, the HMD isn’t perfect, but the 5k+ is very far from perfect too. You have to go into pitools first to tweak the settings, some games don’t even run at all and I really hate the distortion.

The biggest downside for the O+ is that the distance is too blurry and of course that the FoV isn’t on par with the 5k+. And for some games the 5k+ just is better, I like Skyrim still better on the 5k+. But man, this anti SDE on the O+ just really kicks ass, I love it.

And yeah, the Vive Pro is gathering dust here, I have no use for it anymore, trying to sell it.


Yeah, true, some games really look better on the 5k+. And vice versa. Man, I can’t wait for next gen HMD’s already :wink:


If only we could combine the best qualities of the Pimax and the O+… it would be HEAVEN!!! Seems to me, the best we can have right now is… owning both the 5K+ and O+.


Relieved to hear your enjoying it. Just got my shipping confirmation from the forwarder :+1: Im fricken determined to make this the most comfortable headset on the market. Just bought the Mrs a sewing machine and found the ultimate upholstery supplier to up make custom straps and padding.


What would be your most recomend game to buy for odyssey. Best value for money? I need to be blown away by colors and visuals so I can justify keeping it till CV2


Please stop I must return it to pay for my 2080! :sleepy: :grinning:


I don’t get it. I just don’t see the distortion you do. It’s nearly impossible to see unless you literally fixate on it even on large fov.


You’re gonna be disappointed ya old codger.


Hmm good question. Not a game, but I really love both on the 5k+ and the O+ this looks really nice. I thought “The brookheaven experiment” looked really good on the O+ because lots happens close to you (when stuff happens on the horizon, the 5k+ looks better). I also really enjoy Paranormal activity. In general, like said, when things are close to you they look MUCH better on the O+. But when the horizon is important, the 5k+ is better


Do you have Big screen? are the wood floors and textures so gorgeous on the 5K+? Still trying to find a niche for this headset because at the end the lesser FOV and resolution is the big let down. Colors are also so nice on the OD+