Samsung Odyssey+ Discussion. Review - Through the lens comparison



Thanks for this. Turned out the WMR app installed into my dirt rally folder. Just followed the instructions you posted then everything looked much better!!

Just spend an hour in the Lab solar system experience. Contrast and colors are stunning. Getting some good pings on the presence front. The lenses really need some work but this headset has defiantly lifted my spirits for whats ahead :slight_smile: SDE is near perfect



Awesome work man! I mean the fixes look a bit brutal but honesty as long they do the job, cost less and if don’t intend to resell its probably the smartest move. I recommend replacing the facepad material as well since there are much more comfy ones out there.

I love the colors and black of the SO+ so much (we already know that the anti-SDE is awesome),
and I think that I will switch back from 5k to the 8k.
I’ll get wasted tonight, I’ll decide then.
Unfortunately we have no news about color calibration on the 5k+ which may be a gamble gamechanger.
Those are VERY IMPORTANT software parts with lots of impact and I absolutely don’t understand why this hasn’t been TOP priority. It’s no news…ANY display is just as good as it can be calibrated, so everything concerning the potential display quality is more or less in the dark. Experiments with eg vorpx though showed that there is still some headroom to improve. OK, you cant do that with vive and co either, It’s plain dumb if u ask me to release anything without those options.
I also love Horrorgames and with the better blacks on 8k and the brightness control the better blacks (although probably only slightly better) may a least be an acceptable experience.
I think I could live with the wobble issue since it was reported only in test-circumstance. Nobody EVER complained about a practical issue like that it ruins certain game experience. Like “can’t play duck and cover games” because of the wobble.
we’ll see…
I accept SDE to a certain amount but basically only replacing SDE with black dots seems to me like trading pest for cholera. I also “in theory” prefer a round picture even with a SDE pattern. But having the black dots “only” in certain colors and areas seems strange to me. Sometimes “hiding” flaws makes the whole thing look less good as a whole.


You’re welcome. I learned a couple of things with that document myself. I should point out I found that document from a Youtuber who I believe specializes on racing sims. He posted that document in his channel in google-docs … I had printed it out though… I would give him credit for it but I don’t remember where that channel is or the name or the link to the document… :frowning_face:

Interesting modifications you made on the headset… the god-rays from the O+ is one of my issues with it. I think I might try that custom wrapping job you did. Could you tell me what fabric your using and the thickness? Thanks.


Looks good! Is that still the stock foam though you’re using? It’s way too hard for my taste.

Anyway, enjoy your HMD, after some tweaking I really really like it and tend to use it more than my pimax 5k+ at the moment (although that one certainly has its own advantages too)


yeah u’re right, think they intended it for torture :slight_smile:
It’s even far better to use no facepad at all, which worked great on my Vive
increased sweetspot and fov.

Unfortunately for strange reasons it does not work as good with the OD+.
I lose a bit of the already tiny sweetspot (which is ok if dialed in right) but it’s not worth the guessed 3,4 degrees of extra FOV. I use for now the thick Vive Facepad and gain a lot of comforts, seems to be “the sweet spot” for the sweet spot :slight_smile: on my face at least for sacrifizing a little FOV.

I roughly guess with the mods Davoks facepad should be even more than 15mm, so good to hear that some ppl get a better experience sometimes with moving away from the screen instead of getting closer AND also very interesting that it even may be no rule of thumb since it does not only vary from face to face but also from device to device.


This was just s quick hack to try it out. Actually I haven’t spaced it from the eyes at all. Just packed the side gaps with foam. the cenrer of the gasket is in the same place and I have pulled the eyebox and headstrap together so it sits closer.

I really need to start with a better foam gasket. @sjefdeklerk did you use a Vive face cusion?


Yeah i have this one, works really really good on the O+


Wow that’s thin. Is that all your using? I’ve had to pack the sides of the standard foam more than 10mm. I think the foams so hard it just doesn’t contour. That and a shit design


Seems like with the OD+ you have a lot of DIY work to do before it’s usable. Edit. why are the lenses round in the OD+, should they be like oval shaped?


Yeah works surprisingly well for me, it feels very comfortable like that


Yeah true, out of the box it s*cks, my first impression was that this was a waste of money. But after some tweaks it’s really really nice. Biggest downside is that it’s blurry in the horizon, we need higher res panels with this anti SDE tech.


It is VERY DIY but on the other hand, pimax will be lots!!! of DIY probably even more as well, at least in the beginning. That being said the OD+ is a newish device as well (could admittedly … have learned lots of stuff from the OG SO though) but for the price, even without black friday it is really by faaar the best all-round device out there. I have tested almost all consumer level HMDs except the P4k but I would not call it an allround device either cuz it lacks mandatory functions besides probably delivering a good picture.
So to sum it up, the mods and customizations are no biggie, worth the effort and as Davoks picture show not expensive (If you dont intend to win a beauty contest)
U do not need to be a surgical origami master for it.

Of course, you can spend hundreds of bucks to get your device working at a decent level like buying a DAS for 100+ to make the HMD actually enjoyable (Vive strategy). Sorry for beeing picky but I think that the OG Vive s… ass without the DAS and is far worse than the cheaper Rift (besides an edge of tracking)

Bottom line the effort of DIY is absolutely reasonable at minimum costs, we’re talking peanuts, really. And do not mistake, the pimax will need at least as much DIY in the beginning. Not thaaat much of a prob if you actually have fun for DIY but a serious b… if you don’t.


Ergonomics are a complete joke but It fits perfectly now and the resolution hack tomoho posted makes it nice and clear. Those mods I’ve done were just for testing purposes and I’ll tailor up a proper strap and gasket

The lenses are the biggest let down in my opinion. The god rays are terrible and there’s plenty of warping going on

The panels are super impressive though and make it totally worth it. Odyssey+ cost me 550 NZD. The Vive pro costs $2500 NZD. Can’t wait to see what HTC has to offer at CES next week!


Touching up those mods now and will update later :slight_smile: Definatly going to try a horror game tonight. Any suggestions?


Okay, but is the FOV very narrow compared to pimax?


It is but depending on your requirements its got some good points!

A couple of weeks ago I played Project Cars 2 (not properly tried it beyond a 5min test) on the Odyssey+, I’ve mentioned this elsewhere that intended to use the pimax but it was messing about, did the horizontal split thing, then wouldn’t work. So due to timing on playing with friends resorted to trying on Ody+ so I could actually just get on with playing.

Fantastic! So vibrant and clear! As I say its the first time I’ve properly played PC2 on one of my newer HMD’s and so I felt FOV isn’t everything when the image looks so good!

Last week I played again for a couple of hours, this time on the pimax… it behaved this time! I’ve not really tried the pimax much recently so I just shoved brightness in the new .95 version of pitool to high and loaded pc2… it was like OMG, this looks f’ing fantastic, very clear and the FOV was the icing on the cake. Framerate was crap but I’d not really optimised any settings as I was too busy just racing and it was still playable, a good 2h later I wasn’t feeling any problems.

So Ody+ yes its narrow but enjoyable. Pimax, I was at the holy shit look at the FOV and clarity moment! :smiley:

Both are great, but the pimax wins this round for the FOV and slight edge in clarity! :smiley: still looking forward to pimax proper headstrap!


if you like Horror you MUST try The Exorcist: Legion VR
-the game is no bargain around 3-5$ for one of five episodes,
-each episode is kinda short depends how much u check everything out let’s say 30min,
-low on replayability max 2-3 times if u’re up for all Achievements
-not that challenging in terms of on adventure puzzle

BUT you will most likely crap your pants, the atmosphere is amazing no bargain as I said but the experience is worth every cent!!
Absolutely worth having fun with friends even when someone is watching the game on monitor.


Pimax is good, but the real problem is when a odyssey+ could be so affordable and yet so comparable, it’s hard to justify forking out so much more money to get that extra bit. The value is just not there.

I would just have either one and then call it a day and wait for gen 2.5.

I would prefer pimax to succeed (so my pimax will continue to be supported) but this is the truth in my heart, the retail pricing sucks.


Huge success. Just finished making the top strap. Looks overkill but works perfectly! The weight is lifted off the forehead and it holds tight like a baseball cap. Also fully adjustable!!


:+1: hereby i grant you the “Man that sew award” :laughing:

Reminds me when my sister visited and i sit there with the sewing machine making cushions for my gaming couch. Disbelief written all over her face :joy: