Samsung Odyssey+ Discussion. Review - Through the lens comparison



Yes… the FOV on the O+ is actually very narrow compared to the Pimax 5K+… However, both units (O+ and 5K+) have their pro’s and con’s.


Holy crap… that looks AWESOME!!! I’m impressed!

Maybe you should consider making some for sale… I"LL BUY ONE!!!


I’ll make another one with slightly smaller tabs. You can have this one for free if you want :+1: Just PM me your postal address and I’ll send it on standard post :beers:


WOW… Thank you!!! Thank you so much!!!


Haha. Yeah I got that look from the Mrs. Bought a machine just to do recover the outdoor furniture. Turned out to be great value :beers:


I have my SO + since November. Will I be disappointed with the 5k +?


SDE vise Yes, overall: No! :+1:

Edit: if you come from Odyssey-Pentile you would probably like the 8k more…


I have a 2080ti and an i7-8700k ! Should i take the 5k or 8k?


No big difference in needed performance of these two headsets. I personally would feel that the 8k needs less performance for a good picture (because of the applied softness of the scaler and because of the only 80Hz refresh)

My personal favorite of the two is the 8k. Others prefer the 5k+. Difficult decision.

I would consider the 8k for you if you

  • like a softer (more antialiased) picture
  • are used to pentile sde already (OD, Vive (pro), Rift)
  • don’t care about spending a few bucks more
  • like to have very likely a headset with less errors overall (less defects on panels)

I would consider the 5k+ for you if you

  • like a sharp picture (regular SDE grid helps with more distinguishable features on objects, e.g. better text readability)
  • want a 90Hz, fast responding headset
  • want so save some bucks
  • are ready to accept a higher (especially panel-) defect rate
  • prefer an regular grid SDE (wmr hmds with LCDs, Oculus Go) and/or hate pentile subpixel grid

Up to you to make a decision :joy:

Edit: i want to add that both headsets are a big upgrade to vr in terms of immersion! Even in the “small” fov of the p5k+ or 8k you see so much more of the experience. You will see by yourself. I could only appreciate that in direct comparison with my OD, Vive (pro), and Rift. Once you go back to the “first gen headsets” you really appreciate the pimax fov. Especially the vertical improvement of the fov.


No, you will actually enjoy both HMD’s! They each have their own uses and games where they excel. For example Skyrim just looks much better on the 5k+ than on the O+. But other games like scare games where things are vague in the distance anyway and pop up close to you are better on the O+. Also movie content is much MUCH better on the O+.

So yeah, get both HMD’s, I’m sure you’ll be happy with both.


Wow, simply awesome !!!


I only use VR for SimRacing like PCARS 2, Assetto Corsa, rF2 .


I am impressed, dude this is super awesome!


Retail pricing in things is always not as good as prefered. Graphics cards often fall in this category. Gain vs price often is not as significant aa maybe it should be. But many will fork out the extra cash for returns that depending on the user truly isn’t that much of an improvement.

Wider FoV though imho does improve immersion considerably & depending in your use & preference definitely worth it.

As time goes prices can often improve depending on a variety of things like adoption & better component prices.


Very nice Davobkk! Well done. You could likely sell these. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


So what are your impressions so far? Is it what you had hoped for? I really love the panels myself and the inside-out tracking works suprisingly well. I do miss the 5k+'s wide FoV though. So I’m really hoping we’ll get some nice surprises next week at CES


Yeah I cant wait for that. There seems to be alot going on this year. The Russian Duce headset will be on demo and I’m pretty sure Cosmos will be revealed. The timing seems right now Pimax almost is ready for consumer release

For the Odyssey I’m really impressed with the panels. They would look incredible with a quality pair of lenses. Up close things look solid and really pop. I was messing about with the items in steam home last night. The cube and dinosaur looked seriously convincing out on the balcony in direct sunlight. The cactus in Arizona Sunshine are super trippy with the wind blowing on them

Performance seems to differ in each app. Elite looks great but I have micro stutter issues I need to work out

Been looking hard to find a good adventure/action game. Something to get lost in. Anymore suggestions?


Subnautica… look at some game play for it on youtube… probably the most immersive VR game I’ve ever played and it was a FUN adventure… I am so looking forward to the squeal.


Just finished the M2 version :slight_smile: Looks more refined. Also tested it on the wife and son. Really easy to adjust

I have three new ones made up. @sjefdeklerk If you want to try one let me know :+1:

@tomohm I’ll send you two of these so you can pass one on to Tyrel :+1:

Anyone else interested PM me and I’ll work out a fair price :beers:


Samsung should hire you…lol.