Samsung Odyssey+ Discussion. Review - Through the lens comparison



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Have any of you gentlemen with Odyssey Plus also observed this problem in the DCS simulator?


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That strap looks sweet and very professional!!! I can’t wait to try it. Thanks again!


Thanks mate, I’d love that! Will PM you


What are the extreme values ​​of IPD showing you WMR portal? For me, it is 64.1667 and 72.447. I also noticed that when setting the IPD value (my IPD is 68mm), this value sometimes jumps slightly (for example from 69.971 to 68.02). Is this normal behavior?


I keep being impressed with how good the Odyssey+ looks if the game can handle extremely high supersampling. I put the render target to 2.0, steam set to 180%, and in-game supersampling at 160% for Robinson: The Journey and it really makes it look great. Still runs at 90 fps so far and the level of detail, even in the distance is so much better.


Hi, as someone with an O+ and an 8K how would you say they compare in terms of image softness?


It’s hard to say what the 8K’s max potential is because I can’t put any additional supersampling on it with my system without bringing the framerate to crap. I will say on my system (1080ti, 4690K i7), the Odyssey is clearer. The odyssey is very similar to the 5K+ clarity but with better SDE.


Happens to me too, looks like the Od+ wheel is not very precise unfortunately…but I noticed that if you move it to one far edge and try again, exerting as little pressure as possible on it, you may end up with a more closer value to what you was looking for.


I noticed it too. What is your min max range in WMR portal?


What GPU do you have ?
EDIT: 1080ti, ok


Well that is surprising to hear. I found the O+ to be quite soft when compared to the Rift for example and that’s with all the suggested tricks to get the O+ sharper (rtx 2080 Ti user here). Interesting you say the clarity is similar to the 5K+ though, that would mean it too isn’t that crisp either unless you were only looking at models 1m away for your comparison?

It would be great if you could run more tests (static) with near, medium and far distant objects and various SS rates pushing each headset on your 1080ti.


I wonder if maybe you didn’t have the odyssey+ adjusted right. Make sure you set the IPD right and I noticed that without putting an extra face pad it’s hard to get the sweet spot. Once I did that, it’s very clear, not soft at all compared to the Rift. I think the 5K+ is very clear, I have the Rift, Vive, Odyssey, Lenovo Explorer, oculus go and the 5K+ is clearer than any, but the Odyssey and Odyssey+ get very close once fitted and supersampled correctly. I’ve tested the ROV FOV and resolution tests and I can read up to the same lines on the eye chart with the Odyssey+ and Pimax 5K+, but the Rift I can only read a couple rows above (bigger text).


Yeh I used an extra face cushion from VR Covers and spent enough time getting it right. I think it’s possible I then was able to push much higher SS with the 2080ti on the rift making it ultra sharp in comparison. I guess we can all get caught up in what we define things like “clarity” and “soft”, plus all our eyes see things differently. We need cybernetic eye implants for uniformity.


My Odyssey+ has been unimpressive to myself, and to most of my friends. I have decided to reconnect the HTC Vive again. And yes, it’s not even Vive Pro.

I will sell my Odyssey+ to the only person who preferred it over the Vive. :slight_smile:

The anti-SDE doesn’t make a big whoopie. The biggest problem: Headset has poor ergonomics, poorly designed. Also, controllers and tracking are underwhelming, and have noticed many times the tracking failing.


Probably you have lighting issues, needs a bright room… Mod it with a vecro strap… Up SS


It does in the right circumstances imo like up-close animated characters (rather than realistic ones you might see in something like FO4) and especially VR Porn. Swapping from the Rift to the O+ looking at VR Porn and then back again and the difference is quite staggering. The SDE of the Rift becomes very distracting. I believe this is the one thing Samsung got right with the O+. That was the point of the device. However, like you I found it a pain and not worth hanging on to with a Pimax en-route. I also found I preferred the high supersampling look of my Rift compared to the O+ softer image in certain games. As mentioned already for comfort sake a VRCover replacement foam is a godsend.


The O+ is quite bad out of the box, you need quite a bit of tweaking. The ergonomics is horrible but there are several suggestions in this thread to make it at least better than the pimax 5k+. Also the tracking needs a bit of tweaking with light in your room (you need enough light), but once you get it right I find it at least as good as the lighthouses but then without all the problems of lighthouse detections etc. Inside out tracking is the future, of that I’m sure now.

I really don’t understand though that you’re saying that the anti-SDE doesn’t make a big whoopie. I find it really really amazing. If you look at objects close they look so damn real … No other HMD even comes close to that. And like @evertec said, I have the 2.0 mod, super sampling to 200% and then in game super sampling to the max (very important) and it just looks stunning, maybe even as sharp as the 5k+. All in all this really has become my to-go HMD and I’m barely even using my 5k+ anymore (and I’ve already put my Vive Pro in the closet, not sure why I would want to use that thing anymore, it’s worse in every way).