Samsung Odyssey+ Discussion. Review - Through the lens comparison



Yes a day/night difference. This adult game is also really a MUST try on the oddysey+

pledge $4 and you can download the full version (you can then immediately cancel the ‘subscription’ if you want, otherwise it will become a monthly recurring charge). Set SS to 200%, use that 2.0 mod and then slide the in-game ‘pixel density’ slider to the right and you’ll be simply amazed at how good it looks. It does get my 2080TI to its knees though at those settings but man, it just looks perfect. Really fun, and graphics wise it’s much better than that (super popular) crappy Vr Kanajo game, never liked that one.

BTW on that project page you can also download the free demo. I’m not sure if that pixel density slider is in there though, you really need to see it with that slider to the right, big difference.


Not porn but I am enjoying skyrimVR Sofia follower mod with cbpc physics and collision.

It’s got sword, sorcery, nudity, adventure, jiggly butts and boobs. What more can you ask from a game.


What is this 2.0 mod ?


Hey man you might be interested in my Adult VR Games directory. Quite a bit of free stuff to try with your O+ and 5K+.


I’ve modded the velcro on to the sides. It is better than factory standard, but still doesn’t even get close to the DAS I have.

As far as the tracking, I wasn’t talking about general room tracking, I was talking about controller-tracking. The controllers have their own light. Also, there is heavy light bleed from the sides of the hmd. So if I increase room light even more, that will exacerbate that light bleed problem. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. I don’t see an easy way to get rid of the peripheral light bleed either. I’ve tried all my vr-covers. I guess I COULD glue a dash of foam on either side, but that is becoming ridiculous at this point. Cable is 3.9 meters. Ergonomics are a fail across the board. You have to get a charger with rechargeable batteries for the controllers. I mean, the anti-SDE is really the only redeeming quality of it. I will give it another fair shake though, before committing to selling.


That’s true. I still have to work on that myself too, to block the incoming light 100%.

But yeah the O+ kind of sucks out of the box and you need to be willing to put some time, money and energy in to improve it, I totally understand that that’s not everybody’s thing.


There is also a bunch of lens distortion as I move my head around. This is with different thicknesses of face foams btw. Controllers “stutter” in Steam VR when I move them. I don’t know what more I can put into this thing to improve it. I already have done the velcro mod. The view is definitely not breathtaking, despite having done the rendertarget to 2.0, and to 10.0… (I doubt many people in this thread even know what this renderTarget does). Supersampling in SteamVR to 200% and above… yeah, it’s obviously got no SDE… but I actually prefer the SDE of the original Vive and having the perfect ergonomics of the DAS, and the ambidextrous controllers. I have a feeling the Pimax will wow me way more than this. It doesn’t just “kind of sucks” out of the box, it just completely sucks out of the box. As - this is meant to be a finished product. I am completely able and willing to put time and energy into improving things. I’ve manually modded my Thrustmaster Cougar’s gimbal, replacing internal buttons and wiring, and filing off the metal to get it to fit. So I’m down for that kind of stuff. But this… it’s just beyond salvageable. All 3 of my friends that were here to test it on last saturday evening and night, spoke in unison when they said they preferred the original Vive.


I agree with you there. I found that the reduction in SDE and the (slight) reduction in god rays relative to the Rift were good features but not necessarily deal-breakers. However, the resolution barely increased.

The inside-out tracking was both good and bad. It was nice to be able to track your movement without basestations but you lose the ability to track the controllers above/behind your head. Also, you can’t take advantage of the roomscale tracking as much due to the short cable.

EDIT: Another advantage of the inside-out tracking is that you can move the controllers to places that you normally couldn’t be tracked by basestations (as long as the OD+ is facing the controllers).


Im really enjoying this headseft now it fits with no light bleed. Quality seems so vary in each app. Pity theres no way to completly disable the WMR portal


Well if you’re looking for a polished product you made not only the mistake of buying the O+ but also of backing the 5k+, which is very far from polished and finished. I’d suggest the Vive Pro for you, very polished product that just does what it says it does.


You mean being trash and expensive? HTC milk consumers more please…


Expensive yes, trash not at all. It’s a very good product, yet way overpriced. But some people just want that kind of experience and for them the Vive Pro is great. No tweaking necessary, it just works.


Right. In my opinion poor ergonomics, way too bulky, too much plastic and horrible lenses. I’d prefer the less weight of the Rift, its awesome ergonomics, controllers and slightly less FOV but way less SDE.

Also it doesnt just works. SteamVR also starts to piss me off. Often i had to rr the PC in order to recognize lighthouses and get image in Vive.
On OCULUS, there it just WORKED OUT OF THE BOX. I just plugged that thing on and it was just working… . With Vive i had to go through hours of debugging and stuff. When i had guests i prefered to show them the Rift instead the Vive because i just had to plug that thing and boom, cant say the same about the vive garbage.


Interesting how opinions can vary, I find the Vive Pro the best ergonomics of all HMD’s I’ve tried (almost all). Horrible lenses, kind of agree, but I like to run in night mode so godray’s are not much of an issue like that. And yeah, for me it just works, never ever had a problem having my HMD or lighthouses detected. Now compare that with Pimax, where they more often are not connected than that they are. And Samsung is messy too, although not as bad as Pimax


Well you may be right. But at least Pimax has great specs for its price and doesn’t milk the consumers with very to none upgrades and asks insane prices, I mean, look at the Vive Pro Eye trash or whatever that is, I mean really, that much disrespect for previous owners of Vive Pro? HTC is just utter garbage for me.

Also i agree that Pimax Software still needs more work, its still in early stage i may add. But hey, anything than just HTC.


Just don’t sweat in it. :smirk:


Oh don’t get me wrong,I’d take the pimax 5k+ any day over the Vive Pro. In fact I’m not using the Vive pro anymore, the only HMD’s I’m currently using are the 5k+ and the O+ and most of the time the O+ since this is easily the winner in most cases in my opinion, at least in terms of panels.


Hahaha. Thats why i always used the Rift for fitness games like BoxVR, i did sweat a lot and that THING was just fine!! On vive, 3 minutes in it and I had to check it each god damn time. No thanks, screw HTC.


Sweat is much more a problem with the 5k+ where my face is almost continually touching the lenses. I can only use the 5k+ for like 10 minutes before I need to take it off and clean the lenses


At least it does has protection… :expressionless:, so the water wont damage any internal components. Try say that about OG Vive, Vive Pro and Vive Pro Eye headsets :joy: