Samsung Odyssey+ Discussion. Review - Through the lens comparison



Sorry, then you have not dealt extensively with the settings !
Rendering Target Scale 2.0 in the WMR files and 250% Steam VR SS looks fantastic in PCARS 2, for example !!!


Yeah fogging I found was bad til i treated; once with Anti fog solution. But thicker face foam should help with sweating near lenses.


What anti fog solution? Can you give more details, nicely please? :blush:


Truth there is a spray you can get for cellphones that would protect the electronics.


Doesnt that ruins the Pimax’s lenses?


Unfortunately, I cannot verify your claims. I got the OD+ as a gift for a friend and, even if he wanted to, I don’t think he will be able to use those settings on his 1050 Ti laptop. :sweat_smile:


Rain-X etc. Just don’t bath the lenses & only use once in while.


Well it’s not just fogging. I have the 11.5mm foam and the 5k+ lenses are so close to my eyes that they literally touch my eye sockets quite a few times and then sweat + grease attaches to the lens and after a while of playing it gets all blurry and I need to clean it. Maybe with the thicker foam that pimax plans to make this might be better, but right now it’s quite bad.


I see, i see. Thanks. My 5k+ should arrive this week I’d guess or next week tops. @Matthew.Xu promised me a tracking number this week, so i really hope so.


Sorry, but that’s not my fault :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Also, last I checked I was unable to speak in German :wink: Perhaps a bit of “lost in translation”.


If you use Anti Fog solutions (though there are sime without big chems) sparingly & not too often. Can work fine. Rift even contradicts it’s cleaning of lenses.

Most of the time just use microfiber cloth as prescribed. I treated my pimax about a month ago once. But granted haven’t had used it a lot due to the move.

I would guess twice a month sprayed on the cloth not directly on lense should be plenty.


Anti fog will help somewhat. But yeah that is a pain. Don’t sweat much yet no roomscale. Lol


There are some new distortion .json files available for the vive pro gear mod , I tried them and no24 works for me with no eye strain so vive pro has improved significantly for me this last few days , I hope the 5K+ looks as good


In case anyone is interested in modding the vive pro with gear vr lens
here are the .json files links


Got my Od+ this week and tried it out last night.

The fit and comfort wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. It fits me surprisingly well. No light bleed. One of the first things I noticed was how dark it was in there…I’m going to have to explore horrors for sure. It took a while to figure out how to best wear it but then it was great. I realise I’m lucky here, it doesn’t fit many like it does me.

As for comfort, at first it seemed quite okay. Nothing special but okay. An hour in my forehead was pretty sore and was starting to spread to a headache. With the strap I’m buying from Davobkk and maybe looking at replacing the forehead foam I’m confident I can get this acceptable.

The panels did wow me. I come from a rift. The colours in these pop so much more and the blacks are so much blacker. Screen door gone. Resolution noticeably better, but never as good as I wish (2d panels have spoiled us), but I’m happy with it.

Headset tracking was great in my room. I set it up for roomscale and played for a while, took a break and came back and sat down in my cockpit for some dcs. It told me I don’t recognise your play space, would you like to just play seated/standing or set up another play space? Selected seated and played flawlessly. Later I went back to my roomscale space and it instantly recognised it and turned my boundaries back on. Impressed with the seamlessness.

Tried some Arizona Sunshine to test controllers. I rarely use controllers as a flight/car racing simmer. They feel terrible after Touch controllers. They tracked surprisingly well until I was facing a rapidly approaching zombie from the left (head turned 90 degrees) and trying to change weapons in my right holster and I kept coming back with the same weapon, it wasn’t tracking down to the holster. This won’t bother me mostly as I’m on flight stick/steering wheel 99% of the time. Inside out is the way forward for hmd but for controllers we’re going to need more cameras on the hmd or some other solution.

The lenses…they totally suck. It doesn’t ruin the experience but I look at it and think damn this thing would be so much better with just better lenses. They’re an insult to the panels. Why not spend a few extra bucks and charge a few extra bucks to give those panels what they deserve. It’s an amazing price (crazy at BFS prices I paid) so charging a bit more wouldn’t have ruined their sales.

I can’t complain about the sound for the price. It would be nice if they made it easier to remove the headphones for the choice of using some high end seperate ones.

So far very happy for the price. Finally have an upgrade. And hopefully another upgrade hmd to complement this one soon in the 5k+. I can finally pass the rift onto niece/nephew if my brother will buy them a gpu.


Yeah , it’s really unfortunate that Samsung used such a junk lens, they make Mura coming from any corner and totally opacize the view, even the GearVR lens were so much better that this shitty ones…can’t get it…

Let’s hope some company makes replacement good lenses for the Ody+ soon.


Hey Flint I sent your strap yesterday. Will take 3-10 days. Just wait till you see how much better it is for long sessions!! :slightly_smiling_face: @sjefdeklerk @skellum @tomohm and @jimh54 your’s are on the way also

Looking forward to making a solution for the Pimax strap!!

Been so busy working this week but have three horror games to try tonight. Bring on the weekend!

Anyone else needing a strap for their Odyssey just flick me a private message


With all it flaws… Just connected the vive a couple of days ago again and besides the increadible comfort of the DAS it’s ridicolous compared to the OD+. It was an insane bang for the buck. The lenses are strange but still…
As I was surprised by the tracking which is very acceptable.
I just envy everyone that got this genious additional strap from @Davobkk :wink:
Can you provide a stiching plan incl. the material plan. I’d pass that to my aunt, I have two left hands when it comes to stiching.


Great to see you like it! Yeah the lenses aren’t very good and like you said, an insult to the panels. But the panels are indeed really really awesome. And things just work, mostly at max settings while with the pimax 5k+ things don’t run smoothly on my 2080TI, don’t run at all or with render bugs. My 5k+ is actually collecting dust at the moment, also because its audio plug is broken, sweat tends to get on the lenses and distortion is still present even after the correct position on my head.

Maybe with a thicker foam pad (i have the 11.5mm version) and with eye tracking + distortion correction I’d be using the 5k+ more again. And things look hopeful after pimax just presented eye trackers at CES, so who knows …

That being said, games like Skyrim still look best on the 5k+

But for now, the O+ is my to go HMD.