Samsung Odyssey+ Discussion. Review - Through the lens comparison



Wow! What a change from your first impressions❤️😄
I’ve ask for a return of my O+ but like 5k+ vs 8k choice i’m Torned between keeping or returning it.

On the down side the lens, small FOV, and tracking that seems (is) less responsive in sport games than valve tracking. Also not friendly at all for glasses :eyeglasses:

But the image is so gorgeous on experiences like apollo 11 Hd, nature trek, movies.

By the way my attempts to find a diffusion filter for the 5k+ is for the moment unsuccessful and I tried more than 5 different type of optical filter.

So for a affordable price the SOd+ seems the king of the road now


I envy you gentlemen. Unfortunately, I can not say that about Odyssey Plus, they have been lying for three weeks and are collecting dust in anticipation of the Eagle Dynamics fix for DCS. At the moment DCS has a double picture and you can not enjoy it. I returned to the honest Pimax 4K.


Finally drug out the O+ earlier this week and gave it a go on a Fam’s PC.
The fit was all wrong and the IPD kept changing when moving head.

Did not try it for long because unimpression was setting in.

The image was not bad and it was a step above the 8K but not enough to outright ditch the 8K.
Still prefer the 4K’s image.

Plan to revisit the O+ soon but overall impression was why did I buy it.


Don’t know if it is a wmr issue but the Ipd-steam-screen seems laggy. Sometimes if you have a bad ipd-wheel-position it seems like it’s sending false info to steam, continously. What I’m saying is that it actually does not change the ipd. Just tick the wheel and wait a minute till the lagg is over. It happens rarely, but it does…no biggie though

With the vive it needs quite some time to even respond so I guess it’s a steam bug. Its not apparent with the vive because you need to move the ipd wheel for a longer period of time to even show the ipd-screen. Hope you get what im saying😅


In DCS I found I only got the double image when looking nearly 90 degrees or more left or right. As long as I kept looking in the front, say, 120 degrees it looked great with no double image. So I was able to free fly around but it wouldn’t be good in missions.

Definitely need a fix.

X-plane looks amazing. Only gave it a quick run. The 737 over a city at night is awesome, I did London.


It definitely needs a strap and lenses mods. Wondering if gear vr stuff would work on it. Wish i had time and skills to develop it. Also hoping the pimax 5k plus SDE wouldn’t be too terrible compared to this gem.
When you play Skyrim VR in pimax 5k plus, do you turn on the TSAA to smooth the edges? I turn it off on odyssey plus for better clarity.


Have you tried modding the strap? I’m selling a few of these if your interested. Just PM me :+1:


Just opened my OD+ yesterday and all I see is big distortions.

EDIT: I removed the foam and now I see bigger FOV and smaller distortions. I like it now.


I sold my O+ to my friend on friday. He was super happy with it. Most importantly for him, it was the first vr headset where he could wear glasses comfortably in. I suppose it fit his head better than mine. But for me, I didn’t like anything about it, other than the anti-SDE. But, a happy customer there!


Yeah you most likely will need to do quite a bit of tweaking to get to love this HMD:

  • Make sure you installed all windows updates
  • Replace the foam. The standard foam was made by someone who must hate us, cause it makes it painful to wear the HMD
  • Make sure you have enough light in your room for the tracking to function correctly
  • You might need to find a way to block incoming light
  • You might want to buy an USB cable extender, the standard cable is kind of short
  • You might want to buy the headstrap from @Davobkk

But the panels are so nice that it’s really worth it.


I tried the foam from Oculus GO, and it fits almost perfectly. I blocks all incoming light.


I made this mod with Gear Vr strap, super comfortable

I also removed this piece of rubber that was hurting my nose

Now it’s perfect for me


Had a good long sesion with Arizona sunshine last night. Quite impressed I didnt have any tracking issues at all. The cactus have an amazing 3D effect! It’s smallest things that impress me with this HMD. We’ve come a long way since the IO display system glasses haha


Did you broke apart the rubber piece ? I tried to remove it but it seems like it will break if I pull harder.


I cut it off, only the little part that was touching my nose, yes if you try to remove it you’ll break it


Received my strap mod from Dabobkk today. I’ve been flying around in x-plane a while. It’s soooo good. Completely changes the comfort. No pressure problems on forehead now. Also gives much more stability to hmd for quick neck rotations.

Great quality materials and craftsmanship. Perfect easy fit and adjustable for different heads.

Thanks Davobkk.


Be prepared for @Davobkk’s VR mod shop Coming soon. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


It’s already happening!

Could you try break my site please Helio. Any suggestions? Only 4 hours of work so far. It’s basically setup for ordering

I’m determined to make a mod for the Pimax strap as soon as I get my hands on it


Looks great. I would maybe add a section for testimonials from members here whom you have samples sent to. But yeah great job bro.


Cool. Keep an eye out for the Tyriel Wood review :slight_smile: