Santa Cruz - will it live up to the expectations?


The Santa Cruz will arrive in 1Q2019. As was announced a few days back. But how is it positioned?
I came across a nice channel explaining or better, contemplating the features of the new Santa Cruz:

It is a nice short video (just over 6 minutes).


May be it is expensive than rift, lol.


I hope not. If the youtuber is correct in his rumor that the santa cruz is only 100 dollars more expensive than the Oculus Go, it means that there is a cheap 6Dof insideout tracker HMD available on the market. You can’t expect that to be a perfect HMD. It will be a nice addition to the tethered HMDs. It will even be a nice try to find out if it is something for my work environment. Low cost unit with some basic conditions: 6Dof and untethered. A nice midrange HMD between the Go and the Rift. High mobility.


I think so, but htc focus has high price and not sure for santa cruz.

If it is cheaper than rift, this is so great.


It shouldn‘t be too cheap - it needs a decent processor, at least the Snapdragon 835. If it achieves a critical minimum processing capacity, you may see a number of Rift ports with simplified graphics which would be great ! Imagine playing some of the real VR games in world-scale. And easy to take with you, vacation, during business travels for boring nights in the hotel, etc…
If they try to meet too low a price point it might end up being too feeble to really take advantage of its set of features.