Saving The VR Universe With Trover In The Pimax 5K+



I had a blast playing Trover Saves The Universe in VR using the Pimax 5K+ headset. After making a few adjustments to the contrast and brightness the game looked great and ran extremely well even with high image quality in my Pimax 5K+

Overall, the game is what you would expect from Justin Roiland and for a fan like me that’s a good thing! The humor was right where I thought it would land and the platformer style gameplay was solid all though it did seem to get repetitive quite quickly.

If you are looking for something with adult humor that’s easy to play and runs great then give this a go and of course if you are a fan of Justin Roiland’s work then this is not to be missed!

Trover Saves The Universe is available for Oculus Rift/S, PSVR, and Steam VR headsets and can be gotten from one of the links below.

Oculus -

Steam -


Also, I am still running my GoFundMe to help with some of the upcoming expenses on the channel like the Valve Index and renovating the new studio so if I have helped you, Inspired you or promoted your game or tech over the years please consider making a donation… It would be much apreciated and if you donate $10 or more you will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Oculus store gift card at the end of this month so thanks for helping out and best of luck! []-)

GoFundme for donations and raffle entry -


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Cool… Glad to be here and thanks! []-)


Holy squanchy! This game is Awesome!
Must have for all VR-users.
Finished in one night VR session.


Yeah I couldn’t agree more… This is a must play in VR game! []-)


Dont mean to plum the excitement for this game but its no skyrim in terms of a good vr port ,or what i mean is its lacking a sense of depth ,
but the games a laugh anyway