Screen flicker around the edges



Hey all.
I’m having a bad run with my pimax.
I’ve got two dead pixels on my left screen right in the middle of my eye sight and now I went to use it last night and I can see screen flicker around the edge of my view on both sides worse on my left

It kinda fills like there’s a darker over lay across in a square over the lenses shape and on the edge of that it flickers and it’s much brighter.
The left side looks to be a different contrast to the right even when the settings are all the same.

Sorry hard to explain and taking a photo is hard is hard to show the issue.

Anyone had this issue it just doesn’t feel right.

I’ve reset the device, changed brightness and contrast.


I’ve seen something like that: Black or White sporadic flashes. Sometimes minutes would pass and it would look OK and sometimes the flashes would only be a few seconds apart. I also saw pixel sparkles. Both issues were fixed when Pimax replaced my HMD cable.


Please create a ticket to the helpdesk, the service team will help you to solve the issue. Thank you.

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