SDE comparison (Macro) - Guess the VR headsets!



Unfortunately the Florida office sent back the few 4K headsets (returns or something) they had to Chinese office, so I never got a chance to do TTL on 4K :frowning: I will soon travel to Pimax in China, so I will make sure to get some old 4K unit for science.


Pull out the OG Vive.


As MRTV says, coming up!


I don’t know why I’m getting so excited. The shipping is like over 2 months away. Honestly I hope ‘The Outer Worlds’ is a good game and I’ll play some RDR2 on PC to distract me from counting the days.



I know right. Damn product just sounds soo delicious


VR Days is only 1 month away :slight_smile:
Also we might have a showcase in Berlin after VR Days in November, more info on this one soon…


Doing it the HP way! :sunglasses:


You got your Reverb issues solved?


Will Pimax be there every day with the new models for visitors to try? I was there last time to try the v2 prototype and it was fun walking around to see the other VR stuff but I am not in a VR business.

This means an entrance ticket for me is 69 euros so I better get some quality time with the headsets if I buy such a ticket. Can you tell me anything about Pimax’ plans there?


Yes visitors will be able to test the headsets of course. We might have a slot booking system once u arrive. More details on this soon.


Give me some slots, have ticket for all 3 Days but will be there Thursday and Friday.


Sweviver , this way is more comfortable , it doesn’t unbalance your head so much


Don’t hate, she’s probably given you many hours of enjoyment. She can also look good but you have to drive the SS right up.

Now though, just move on. :+1:


I’m honestly glad Pimax did manage to fulfill their vision for the Kickstarter.

Even if it did take 1 more year and a LOT OF WAITING.

Dual 4K Check!

90 hz Check!


High FOV.

A lot of Kickstarters are managed by people who are straight up scammers, bad with money management or people who are promising the equivalent of perpetual motion machines and their products are not inline with the laws of physics.

I really really hope the 8K+ and 8KX has a good launch. For all our sakes.


Don’t forget:

Eye tracking in large FOV

Hand tracking in large FOV

Honestly, the specs of this final device make me drool. Now magically turn it into OLED and I’m selling a kidney.


The difference between original 8K and 8K+ is surprising. Can you tell us honestly how much harder it will be to drive the 8K-X? Will we be able to play Elite Dangerous with acceptable frame rates?


You’ll need to sell the other kidney to buy the 3080ti


Marry a rich girl that likes VR more than you do.


Allright! Cancelled my plans on Amsterdam, will see Pimax in Berlin. Much easier that way!


They are or at least were bad with Money managment Pimax :slight_smile: