SDE comparison (Macro) - Guess the VR headsets!



Why there will be more then Pimax in Amsterdam =)


I will come to Berlin. Good work Sweviver and especially Pimax. They reached their goals. I enjoy playing Wildlands in 3D and Bolivia is wonderful to see in the 5K+. Could you please take through the lenses pictures from objects in high/very high distance? The SDE of the 5k+ is sometimes annoying.


Ok, first thank you for this. :pray:
There are so much to say…
Just one pic, for some reasons explain how the 5k+ have decent SDE but huge pixels, with a 8k that have more but more space because of the pentil, it explain how on the 8K small things away got soft and better and on the 5k+ the sharpeness of every things that can be fully displayed.

The 8kX is really good but the 8k+ looks very promising actually and is just a huge step from the 8k.
8k+ is not exactly right name but 8kX is taken, so 8k should be 8k- …

Can’t wait …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: dont know which one…again !


Many thanks again for your excellent comparison!

In the comparison with the female head between 8k and 8k+ you can see the 8k strong aliasing. I generally notice this with my 8k in many games, that I don’t get it removed.


Pimax is more of planning, being overly enthusiastic and sucking at communication.


Remember to check that the kidneys are working correctly :kissing_heart:


I like the 8KX colours compared to the Reverb which show better black and overall colour, but not sure how accurate the text images are as they don’t look anything close to that in my headset. Not sure how much different a V2 Reverb would be against your V1 @SweViver. Very interested in the 8KX now but would like to see more examples and hear some hands-on impressions first. Thanks for posting.

It would be nice if you did comparison of the DCS cockpit as well.


Nah I’m the type of guy who either dies in the next 5 years or somehow has the money to buy his crap.


That is very interesting - some details, like the “waves” of the paper photographed are totally lost on the reverb.


@SweViver these are great! Thanks for posting these!

I think some of this has been asked already but it would be very interesting to see these compared to certain earlier HMD’s just for fun. Vive, Vive Pro, Rift, Rift S, Ody+ if you have any of those to hand and have the time and inclination to do so :slight_smile: At worst at least the OG Vive.


If you Makro enough then even the pixels of real life will be visible like that ( molecules and atoms, or quarks, Photons and so on). It’s the comparison that matters


Damn those pentyl arrangements :joy:


JFYI the V2 Reverb comes with a clip/cover to keep that section together.


yes but it will be standard fov and windows tracking which is not very good or the oled screen will be pentile.


Please see if a quality 2m extension cable will work with the 8kX, that is holding back most room scale players from this headset vs the 8k+


Great pictures @SweViver. I am actually pretty impressed by both tbe 8K X and the 8K+. For an HMD showing about half the raw image data of tne 8K X the upscaling on the 8K plus is very decent.




Yes it is, but we need that admission price to pay for the 8kX instead :wink:
Sure hope that site will be up first thing next week.


Don’t expect it until end of Oct, anything better will be nice!


Most dpnt need more then 5m i would say, you need quite a big play space to need more.