SDE comparison (Macro) - Guess the VR headsets!



Most actually do need slightly more because you lose some to where your computer is versus your play space and going to the back of the computer alone takes up one meter unless you turn your tower backwards. I would say 7m is the minimum most people need to a 5x5 space to have excess and not pull on things when you get to the extent of the space.


Nope, but the tape at least keeps the cords together :slight_smile:

From the tests Ive done so far, the 8KX is very forgiving for lower resolutions. You can easily run it on something around 3000x2200 and still looking great. You will start to get some aliasing in sharp edges of course, but thats another problem.
On default, the 8KX has a resolution of 3800x2400 something (will check the exact numbers tomorrow) . In other words, its not more demanding at all compared to 8K+ or 8K.

I must add that 8K+ also looks good on lower resolutions. The scaler does a better job than on the 8K.

Or just marry a rich girl :wink: Which I didnt…lol

You should come to VR Days anyway if you can, its really a great exhibition - one of its kind!

I will update you more about Berlin soon! :slight_smile:
More SDE tests coming!

The pentile matrix on the old 8K made it look worse, even if the SDE was better. It didnt have 3 subpixels per pixel. I think I explained that in the 5K XR OLED video long ago.

Yeah the first 8K had less subpixels (diamond pixel matrix) and it was very obvious. The pixels were also round instead of “lines” like RGB matrix has, which is the reason for the color fringing.

At least they keep pushing the limits and provide us with the most innovative headsets in terms of panels and lenses - and still way cheaper than a Bentley.

I suspect my Reverb v1 has its flaws. On the other hand, I wonder why didnt they (HP) respond to me upon 2 occasions I tried to contact them about all the flaws. I gave up on them long ago and cant care less aboout a replacement… I dont use that headset anyway more than just for comparison.
Btw check my new video :wink:

The “waves” is just “Moire” effect created by the camera, due to the lenses. Its an optical thing. Happens often when I try to align pixels straight to the cameras sensor. Nothing you will see in VR anyway, its just on the camera.

Yes I have that included for upcoming videos :slight_smile:

Holy sh*t I gotta try this! hahaha

Woah! Thats a surprise, I had no idea actually. No wonder. That connector is useless. Randomly disconnects even when sitting down.

I will try soon. Only got 3m and 5m and they caused a black screen. But its cheap ebay cables…

Thanks :slight_smile: Check out the new video “teaser” on my chan!


Thanks Essenz sure if it’s the lenses or actually photographed Text. Thx for pointing it out.
I guess an Makro Lens for a camera doing that might just be a bit on the expensive side :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.




Yep, I see the dot haha. Crazy stuff!


Yes but most dont have 5x5m play space, 2-3m play space i would say is somerwere in the midle.


Most don’t have 5x5 but also many have their pc 2-3 meters away from the outer edge of their play space. ie. they have a couch in the way that borders their space and then the desk/office area is beyond that, when you add this up the far edge of the play space away from the PC tower might be six meters away, hence the reason why you see so many online looking for 2-3 meter extensions for their headsets.


My space is barely 2.5x2.5m :face_with_hand_over_mouth: But Im using extensions when possible anyway.


Yeah nobody wants to be tugging on and at the limit of the cable, extensions give a nice cushion.


my play space is only around 2m x 3m, but my PC is in one corner just outside of that so with the standard pimax lead I am constantly feeling like I’m going to trip over the cable, which I never got with the vive because of the link box.

my PC is just over 1m off the floor, plus I am 1.8m tall, so thats 3 of the 5m already taken, so I can only be about 1m away from my PC before the cable starts lifting off the floor and becomes a trip hazard which is really not great when I can’t see anything going on around me, it definitely needs another 2-3m to be comfortable


Colorfringing is not what I mean. :slight_smile: I mean clearly worse anti-aliasing. Was in the comparison shots (8k vs 8k+) with the woman’s head the same SS and the same ingame antialiasing?