"Searching device..." forever


What videocard are you using ? I experienced the same thing when I tried first on my onboard video card. It detected it for a while and then just stopped detecting it. Onboard videocards are not supported so I bought an 1060 (they’re pretty cheap). All works fine now.


I am using iGPU. The tablet I have has Iris Pro 5200 graphics and I have no way to install dGPU. It was working fine before and recognized by PiPlay, but then it stopped.

The iGPU is more than capable of handling movie watching. I’m hoping I can manually update the firmware.


Yes that’s your problem there. Only AMD and Nvida are supported.


Ya, but it shouldn’t be a problem. It worked fine for a week.


I have the same issue and I really need help. Pimax will not be detected on my PC at all. It works but it’s just not being detected.


I had the same issue, I cant remember exactly what i did but try right clicking on the pimax icon in tray and go to mode detect then click pimax mode, u may have to do it as soon as pimax starts.


I am having this issue myself. I have installed the Pimax software and when I hook the headset up to the PC, I get a continuous ‘Searching Device’ message. It never recognizes nor shows the 4K display in the Pimax software. This happens on both Pimax and Extend mode. The headset is on, and the light is blue and it shows a distorted second display for my PC (Which currently has 1 monitor).

I have a GTX 770 video card and I’ve made sure both its drivers and the Pimax software are up to date. Various amounts of unplugging, turning off, and other suggestions have not done anything so far.


@VRdude Hi, in this situation, what’s the color of led in Pimax?
I’m not sure whether your PC existed a extended display then, same as below picture shows(please note setting):

Have you tried to update your video card driver?


Hi guys, regarding this issue, firstly please advised that correctly install full Piplay version (close anti-virus software, download link: [Release]PiPlay Download ), USB driver(Any question mark in Device Manager?) and latest video card drivers, then inert both HDMI cable of Pimax and PC monitor to PC discrete graphics ports, not through adaptor.

If still has issue, please export logs to our Skype & Email: support@pimaxvr.com, we would analyze them and give fast solution, thanks in advance.


I have come across this sometimes where Piplay just keep looking but doesn’t connect.
I’ts usually when I restart my pc for whatever reason.

I resolve it be going into Windows Task Manager, click on the Services tab and scroll down to PiServiceLauncher and check that it’s running.
If it isn’t running then, right click on it and click Start.
Piplay should then connect.

If it is running then ???



Are you running in Extend mode? That’s the only mode supported on integrated GPUs.


I´m having the exact same issue. Received my 4k today and am still not able to get PiPlay to work properly. All that I get is a never ending “searching for device” screen. Don´t get me wrong, I know we´re all early adopters and nearly every HMD is in beta stage till today, The curious thing is: if I kick PiPlay and install Oculus Runtime 0.8 instead, the HMD gets recognized (as DK2) and works with steam games like project cars. But in my opinion it doesnt deliver native 4k resolution - or even native 2k as setup like this. The other thing is: in this configuration the image is stuttering as hell. This isnt because of my hardware config, because if I play at the regular display, theres no stuttering at 4k, not even at the highest settings (I´ve lowered them by far for the hmd).

The HMD does not even get recognized by windows as a separate display. I´ve tried several things. My System: Sabertooth Z77 Mainboard, i7 3770k cpu, gtx 980ti gpu. I´ve disabled the HD4000 graphics that comes with the cpu. I´ve updated to the latest nvidia drivers (as I always do). No changes. Endless “searching for device” screens in PiPlay Software. I did not buy this HMD to get a cheap oculus rift cv1, because I already have one. I decided to buy one, cause of the resolution it offers. VR in 1080p isnt really worth it. I´m really convinced that on hardware side, this hmd is worth it. But talking bout software, this is just a piece of crap. For myself I´m not the guy that is not willing to play around, but at this point I´m lack of a solution. Could anyone offer one? I even tried connecting to the support, but my mail is still unanswered. I´ve got the log data attached. No answer at all.

Guys: early adopting doesnt necessarily mean to not get served. Has anyone have had similar problems so far?

Best regards from Austria


Hi Robert,
What version Piplay are you using?
Is pimax plugged into a USB2 or USB3 port? I had some issues when I had mine plugged into a USB3 hub. Plugged into a USB2 on pc and it worked better?

Also did you install all software as administrator? Piplay has issues if not.

Also, have you checked Win Task Manager Services to see that PiServer is running? iIf not running try starting it manually.

Try sending an email to pimax support. I notice that they don’t respond to Skype as well as they used to. Hopefully they are very busy fixing the bugs.

Hope this helps.


Hi Luke,

thanks for your reply. I´m running PiPlay 1.1.92. I tried to connect with USB3 as well as USB2 - no changes at all, still searching for the device.

I did install the software as an administrator today. No changes as well. PiPlay Server is running. I´ve sent an mail with log files attached to the pimax support, they did not get back to me so far. I´m curious about them giving me an answer. As long as my support inquiry stays unanswered, I´ll run the 4K with Oculus runtime. Did some changes to the steamvr file and added some supersampling, now the picture looks a bit more crisp to me. So far I´m fine with that solution (stuttering´s finally eliminated), picture is good but could be sharper. Talking bout Project Cars the cockpit gets super sharp, but the areas on track which are more far away, get unsharp. To be honest I bought the Pimax4K to exactly avoid that unsharpness - I´m used to the oculus rift, where the problems nearly the same, but it´s disturbing the immersion a bit more there, cause of the screen door effect, which is virtually gone in the Pimax4K. I´m into VR since the early days of DK2, so comparing the Pimax4K with that goggle I have to say that the quality has increased dramatically. With a DK2 it was even hard to see where a curve on track begins. Thats far better right now. But as I said before - I would love to get PiPlay working to get the most out of my 4k!

I´ll keep you updated!


Hi Robert,
I just updated Piplay to the latest version 1.2.53 and it’s working very well and although I have yet to install OCHome, people say that it works well too.

Perhaps try uninstalling the current Piplay, restart the pc and install the new version.
Who knows, it may just work. Don’t forget to install As Administrator.

If you can’t get a response from support via Skype, try sending them an email at the same address (support@pimaxvr.com. Hopefully you’ll get a response.

Let me know if you don’t and I’ll send them a message via my Skype. I spoke to them just today.

Good luck.


Hi Luke,

thanks for the reply. As I said before, I did email them on the known mail adress. Thanks for your hint with current software, just downloaded it and will try to get this damn thing running later :grin:

I´ll get back to you soon.


Quick update: I did the software update (deinstalled Piplay, did a fresh install of the latest version) with the end result: now my pimax is broken down. I think this isn´t really related to the software update. Finally I think I got a faulty device which now gave up and did quit service. No LED lightning up, it´s just as the device does not get any power supply.

Dead, in my opinion. Hope to get assistance by gearbest, where I bought this HMD.


I had this exact issue (up until the device wont power up, i never had that issue just a constant flashing light), i had to use the update software to update the firmware, which was a hassle as it stuck in update mode for ages, and then i had to download the new piplay, version number 1.2.53.

This fixed everything, the newer piplay updated the firmware and detected the device straight away, i could not do anything at all with piplay 1.1.92, would not detect or update. 1.2.53 solved everything,

I now have a new problem, the field of view is not 110, not even 90, you can literaly see the edges of the lenses causing it to look like a square screen, like putting a box on your head with a square hole in it. Major problem, 110 is false advertising. Its 70 at best like this. I own a vive, way way bigger field of view, currenly having to force the headset further away from my face with packing foam to combat being able to see the edges.


Hi iDaver,

what I really don´t understand is: this is a device that in many cases is hard to configure. As is said, this is not a problem at all, we´re all early adopters, so anybody who´s thinking to get a finished product is a fool. What I really dislike: there´s no documentation about this HMD. I can´t really imagine that there´s nobody out there to have similar issues while installing it. Every single topic in here is ending with “glad it works now”, without preserving any solutions for those who werent able to solve their issues. This really fucks it up.

I´m not glad that mine is broken now, but hey, these things happen. What really is annoying to me: there´s no support - you buy your device and they´ll keep you all alone with your troubles. As I said before: nearly every hmd out there is in early beta. Every customer, even if he buys “famous” brands like HTC or Oculus is finally a beta tester. But in my opinion the service Pimax provides is a bad joke. You have to search for ages to get the newest software updates, or the newest firmware to get ths device running. Pimax´s website is unavailable 24/7. In my case this doesnt help at all, I mean I had to install oculus runtime to get a fucking picture on my device´s screen. If that´s the solution, I want my problem back! It would be so easy: a webste which provides all neccessary information, a customer service that really serves you…


I agree, wasn’t expecting perfect product but wanted at least the advertised FOV not a tiny view box surrounded by big black borders to left and right. Spent all day yesterday and up till now trying to get rid of my borders, huge black unavoidable borders around 1.5 cm in size at either side, still there. taken me ages to find about 5 diff versions of piplay and still no joy, 2 of them wont even detect device despite downgrading firmwate to 1.1.194 or whatever it is. Only one person in charge of support outside china as he is the only 1 that speaks english… he admits this on here, you cannot release an international product to the public without at least 3 people speaking english since many people speak it in many countries. It’s the dumbest idea ever!

Tempted to rip it apart and see if the screen is full or has black borders, if its full its just bad build quality, if it’s not its software…but then warranty will be void so dare not do this as it’s going back if not resolved within a week.