Second handed Pimax 5k+ and dead pixel... RMA




So I just got a second handed backed based pimax 5k+. After getting the headset I noticed a dead pixel near centre of screen. The seller is happy to RMA it but he need a picture of dead pixel to start RMA process…

How do I get a picture of that dead pixel? I changed background to white-ish and all that but getting camera to focus on that 1 pixel is very hard. I mean… how do I do it ? I have D800 and sadly just 24-70mm lens.No macro.



Yes this can be quite difficult. Is there a color it shows up better against?

A lot of newer Cell phone camera’s are quite good for quality with Macro modes & such.


Not that I can tell. I struggle to see it myself when I look for it. Its only present when I focus “away” in to the game UI that it becomes very visible/distracting.

I must say the picture proof is very troubling request. I’m sure its a result of some people abusing the system. But for rest of us its really hard to prove it. :- ((( I’ll try to grab a picture of it again but if thats the Pimax policy for dead pixels… this might be by last headset then from pi.


Maybe @Matthew.Xu can offer some help. I agree especially in VR it’s hard to not see a dead/stuck pixel once noticed.

Not even sure how other vr hmd mfgrs deal with this sort of issue.

I do know regular TV & computer monitors are aggravating to say the least.(why I prefer to see monitor powered with blank screen & white to check)


You can try to shoot it with the uniform color, either toned down white, or one of the RGB set (this will only prove a dead subpixel, but you can have at least something to show).

The other possibility (if you are desperate) is to remove the lens (I have never done it, but some are saying that it is not that difficult @sjefdeklerk @SweViver) and just use a macro lens or a digital microscope.

Shooting through the fresnel lens can be quite frustrating.

Concerning the macro, what I found surprisingly good for macro shots (not of DSLR quality, but good nonetheless) was the “macro lens clip” (which I originally bought for RPi camera -

If you have a phone with relatively good sensor (I have Mate 10) and the lens close enough to the body edge so you can fit the clip over the lens entirely (which I cannot on mine :(), then it might be worth a try. But then you have to fit the phone into the headset (or remove the face supporting frame, and eventually remove the lenses).