Sell your KS pledge for 8K and accessories here (or somewhere else, it's a free world)


Pledge has been sold. Thanks guys and good luck to the new buyer.


all the pressure off. XD


I’d easily sell my pledge for £8k :laughing:


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To be honest I don’t understand your move , you stayed bravely half a year holding in your hand a half empty glass and now this happend…
Have you been a woman in a previous life or what? :wink:


Ask me again in january 2019


Isn’t that a violation of NDA? By suggesting selling your kidney over a freaking 8K headset, you’re implying that the headset is more valuable than your kidneys. And so the headset must be in great excellent quality. Because if it was not so, you WOULD NOT have sold your kidney over a headset. Therefore, the headset must be great! This is a violation of the NDA. You cannot tell anyone about the quality of the headset!!


NDA never mentioned his kidneys… It’s all good! :slight_smile:


Vive & rift are known to at times mute blacks with greys if I recall correctly. And both oleds & lcd tech have pros & cons.

Vive & Rift suffer from Samsung’s Pentile arrangement.


It’s no hype. Its pure economy basics. Price meets the demand and stock. High demand, no stock = high price. Didnt u go to school? :slight_smile:


I am overhyped. I feel it right now. OMG. I really am. And it is all someones fault. I now have 200 degrees of overhypedness. Especially in the corners. I shouldn’t have sold my kidneys. What was I thinking? I did expect really good VR! And all I got was a lousy T-shirt. How am I supposed to play HalfLife 3 now? It’s all Pimax’ fault because Sweviver! I bought it out of my own free will and didn’t let anyone made me spend my money. Sweviver did! He changed my mind and took my money. So Pimax will get the blame for this. I have no control nor responsibility at all over my own thoughts and actions. :expressionless:


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I have been checking the forum daily for weeks. I go out of town for a couple days and find out I have over a hundred emails about a completely unnecessary flame war between SwePimaxer and sjerkalerk (also, someone changed the title to match the flaming tangent). Apparently the only reason I didn’t have more emails is because Pimax sets a daily cap of 100.

Needless to say, I have changed my email settings for this topic and I hope that people can keep there tongues in check.

Also, I would like to mention that I don’t really hold anything against @SweViver or @sjefdeklerk. Just think that the two of them tend to blow up at the slightest touch sometimes and that they should take a chill pill.

Edit: Just read a bit further down into the split thread and I may have to take back my previous comment.


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Well now I KNOW that deklerk is legit about the island and the hedge fund things since he just gave us all a crash course in INSIDER TRADING! LOL which is probably how he ended up on a Carribean island in the first place…


Willing to sell 8K-X, 10,000.00 USD

Serious inquiries only.


I’ll give my left nut for your pledge


WTS 50,000,000 viable Davobkk sperm. 10¢ each.


Hey is the Pledge still for sale


Yes, it is still for sale. I have created a new topic.