Sell your KS pledge for 8K and accessories here (or somewhere else, it's a free world)


So if its still up im will to buy.


I would be interested in buying a pledge 8K pledge HMD only, but opened to other packages.

Contact me.


You’ll be looking at paying at least $1500 at this point in time, judging by the prices the pledges have been going for on the online auction sites.

I bet the early sellers are a bit sad face now.

Nevermind, this will make you feel not so bad about losing out on $1k or more profit. I mined and traded (trading NMC for BTC) a total of 375 BTC back in the day. I sold them all for about $30 each. I thought that was great at the time, lol


I think most early sellers made more than $1500. I decided to sell mine for even money since I was pretty much the very last backer. It will be interesting to see how the price develops though. One factor that’s going to be important is the price of the StarVR One. I think it will be HIGH but who knows, they might surprise us, if they’d price it reasonable like $2500 that surely will put a lot of pressure on the 5k+ price.

Regarding bitcoins, OUCH, that must have hurt when it hit $20.000 and you would have had 7.5 million USD if you had kept them :slight_smile: I still think we’ll see $30 again in the coming years, I don’t believe in bitcoin at all. People are expecting an ‘end of year’ rally like last year. I think it will rise slightly and then drop big time when the SEC definitely shoots down the ETF plans in february. But that’s a whole other discussion :wink:


Amazingly, I am not that bothered about my choice of selling at $30, seeing as I did not think BTC would go very far, but I am bothered about a more recent trade, where I had 2.5 BTC that I sold for about $450 the lot, just before i went to the Munich for Oktoberfest. Then, only a matter of months later, those coins would have been worth $8K in total (I would have sold then), I’m bothered about that, because I was very confident the price was going to keep on going up, and I was telling friends to keep hold of their coins. I did not and sold… total dumb arse, lol

Oh well, laugh now. cries

StarVR One - Oh my god, I am really looking forward to that being made available to the public. It will no doubt be a while, seeing as they plan to provide it for the commercial/business lot first, but then to us the public.

And yes, it will be a pretty penny - custom made panels!

Hopefully, we will see reviews of it in proper games and using the 1080Ti, 2080, and 2080Ti

I’m kind of tempted to buy some shares in Starbreeze :slight_smile:


sorry but iam new to reddit so i dont know how to dm somebody but is your offer still on? thnx for answer and have a nice day :slight_smile:


I was mining early on during the bubble and ended up selling what I made for a couple hundred dollars. If I had held onto it for longer it would have been over a thousand. Oh well, I didn’t want to be stuck with Bitcoin after the bubble burst so I just sold it as I got it. That being said, I was mining through Coinbase and they ended up having a decent bit of their (aka their miners’) coins stolen so I might have gotten out at just the right time.


is it still availible mate? :slight_smile:


The rest of the bubble still needs to burst, which might happen rather soon as tons people still seem to hope that the SEC will approve ETF’s on bitcoin. I’m betting (literally) on a crash in november when the SEC will probably shoot those plans down (although they could still postpone the decision one more time). Anyway highly offtopic.